Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Thoughts: Readying for the Draft

Well it's been awhile since I've wrote anything but I shall endeavor to get back to the routine. damn you working world.....So without further ado....

NFL Draft
I don't remember a draft as uncertain as this one. Is anyone really certain about who anyone is taking? Partially this a function that nearly all of the players have serious question marks. I couldn't say if this is a deep draft but it certainly seems to be one lacking bonafide clear cut stars at the top. This isn't to say some boom/bust picks will turn out to be booms, but a priori.... very unclear..

Speaking of what the hell is going on with the Dodgers? I'm hoping that MLB is filming a faux documentary and just needed extra tension because otherwise it seems like a debacle of the highest order in one of baseball's more precious markets. How does this turn out? No seriously, I'm clue

Big 10 Football
I'm still trying to avoid mocking the leaders and legends nomenclature and it's going to be especially hard given the Big 10 having so many questions at QB. Despite Spring games coming and going all of the major programs in the Big 10 have uncertainty at football's most important spot. This does not portend well for the Big 10 this season.....

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

this NFL draft is indeed unpredictable. A lot of defensive players, a lot of strange things are going to happen.

2) The MLB ownership situation should be made into a movie. Aaron Sorkin can adapt it. You've got love, marriage, firing your x-wife, debt, loans, spending $50 MILLION ON AN OLD Manny Ramirez!, lies, bluffs, playoff baseball, corporate takeovers, and Bud Selig. This is Oscar-worthy stuff here! I'm not even sure what the theme is that would tie it together. Maybe McCourt's love of his team, and how he doesn't want to share it with his x-wife?