Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 17 - It's playoff-time... now!

I've screwed up all of my picks all season long. It's one last week for me to get things straight, before I make a heap of horrible picks for the playoffs!

Manwich Matchup of the Week
and Opening Round Playoff Game #17
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland (twice), Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran (twice), Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Indy! (lost to Dallas), Jacksonville, Giants
STL @ Seattle- Oh yeah! Do-or-die. The Seahawks won the first game... meaning the Rams are winning this game. Plus, the Seahawks have been in free-fall mode (losing 5 of the last 6). Plus, the Seahawks are now ranked 28th in offense, and 30th in defense. If the Rams succeed, they would also rank as one of the most improbable playoff teams in the history of the NFL... and Sam Bradford's rookie year would be crowned as one of the greatest ever, especially considering his top-two WRs blew their knees out within the first 4 weeks of the season.
Pick: STL

Upset of the Week
Oakland @ KC- I'm rooting for the Raiders and picking the Raiders for only one reason: something I saw on ESPN... if the Raiders win this game, they will finish 6-0 in the division, and become the first team in the history of the NFL to go undefeated in division play and fail to qualify for the playoffs!
Pick: Oakland

Bears @ Packers - The Packers need to win to get in... the Bears need to win to eliminate their rivals.
Pick: Packers

Miami @ NE- I don't think the Patriots ever sit back and chill.
Pick: NE
Tenn @ Indy- Indy has to win to get in... and they will.
Pick: Indy
Jacksonville @ Houston- No Garrard, no Jones-Drew, no chance.
Pick: Houston
Pitt @ Cleveland- Pick: Pitt
Cincy @ Baltimore- Pick: Baltimore
Minny @ Detroit- Did anyone else realize the Lions have won 3 in a row???? Doesn't this mean they will be a sleeper team next year?
Pick: Detroit
NYGiants @ Washington- Giants have to win.
Pick: Giants

Dallas @ Philly- Pick: Dallas (I think the Eagles are resting everyone, and the Dallas coach needs wins for his career)
Buff @ Jets- Pick: Jets
CAR @ ATL- Pick: ATL
Tampa @ New Orleans - Pick: New Orleans (I just don't respect Tampa still)

Arizona @ SF- Pick: SF (I honestly have no idea here)
SD @ Denver- Just for the record... the Chargers are 1st in defense in yards, 2nd in offense in yards, and they only punted the ball 48 times all season (which led the league)... and they didn't make the playoffs. Yes, their special teams are bad and they are 25th in turnovers at -7. However... I think this may be a record for greatest skilled-team not making the playoffs. Don't worry though, Norv Turner is coming back next year. It almost sounds like a bad horror movie, called "I know what you did last winter (screwed up a lot of football games). Pick: Denver (The Chargers have officially quit)

Last Week: 5-11 (awful, I know. bounce-back was only 1-2. I missed a lot of games!)
Season: 144-93
Manwich: 13-5 (Giants got crushed by the Packers)
Upset of the Week: 11-14 (The Ravens dominated the Browns. I screwed up.)

Monday, December 27, 2010

MMBSD: Distinguishers

This time of year in the NFL the playoffs are more or less set, the favorites have been identified, and the faux teams exposed. All that remains is identifying those teams that get included in the darkhorse category and those teams that are looking for new coaches.

New Coaches
This may be one of the harder things to predict as a looming lockout might (will) change calculations. Does any owner really want to be paying for 2 coaches with no football on? On the other hand how many owners are willing to sit pat with mediocrity/putridity. Two of the tells for how bad the lockout might be might sit in the AFC South. Jacksonville and Houston - 2 teams that have neared getting over the hump but not quite getting there, 2 teams with long term coaches. Will changes be made there?

Bears v. Jets
One of the bigger games to distinguish teams was the Bears v. Jets. The Jets road a hot streak into the playoffs - this year their defense looks average and their turnovers numerous. It's hard to imagine this Jets team contending with the AFC elite. Meanwhile the Bears seem to be under the radar as the Eagles and Falcons have gotten most of the NFC hype. With a bye t and the Cutler/Martz combo clicking the Bears seem positioned for the dark horse role in the NFC.

Last Bit of Intrigue
With the Packers dismantling the Giants and the Chargers choking against the Bengals there remains only one last bit of intrigue...the final NFC playoff spot . The Packers, Giants, and Tampa all have divisional matchups to determine the last spot. Should be exciting.....

Big 10 Blues
With the now annual the Big 10 must win its bowl games or they obviously suck meme that dominates ESPN in full swing the Big 10 has it's work cut for it to maintain the respect it earned last year. Going into the bowl season they were only favored in 1 of their 8 bowl games. Add in suspensions to Iowa's top receiver/running back, controversy surrounding key Buckeyes, and rumors of RichRod being fired after Jan 1 to save money, and it's hard to imagine Vegas being wrong.

As always MMBSD and Mighty Mike takes off the rest of the year. So happy new year to all . Here's hoping for a happy, healthy, and Sara Jean Underwood filled new year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making It Up as They Go Along

The purpose of NCAA rules is to teach kids about hypocrisy before they're old enough for politics. -Daniel Drezner

The suspensions of 5 Ohio State players has a lot of wrongs. Ignoring the good for I but not for thee hypocrisy of selling jerseys it was wrong/stupid of the players to sell their stuff. It was wrong of tOSU to throw their compliance department under the bus. It was wrong of Kirk Herbstreit to use his national perch to settle a grudge he has against a 21 year old kid. It continues to be wrong of ESPN to spout falsehoods that the NCAA (they make $12,000 off the Sugar Bowl) or universities profits from bowl games (nearly all schools lose money for bowl games). The only ones who profits from bowl games are ESPN, the bowls themselves, and possibly political candidates that get donations from the bowls (cough John Mccain cough cough).

But what takes the cake in this is the NCAA make it up as they go along rulings. AJ Green was suspended immediately for 4 games for selling stuff. Buckeyes get to wait a year and suspended 5 games? Why? Why not? Why is Cam Newton walking around scott free thanks to claims of ignorance but claims of ignorance in this case resulted in simply delaying the punishment? Not to say any of the punishments were right or wrong but can anyone see a shred of consistency here? Can any interpretation of the NCAA's actions be anything but they're making it up as they go along trying to weigh pressures of key stakeholders? I certainly don't....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 16 - Santa Claus and the Playoffs

Week 16... it's here. There's still some drama to be had, like well Santa Claus give me presents? Will Kwanzaa-bot also stop by during that time?

Manwich Matchup of the Week and Opening Round Playoff Game #16
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland (twice), Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran (twice), Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Indy! (lost to Dallas), Jacksonville
Giants @ Green Bay- Well... it all comes down to this. One game. In Green Bay... and the winner is most likely going to be getting the last wildcard in the NFC. Green Bay is still unsure if Rodgers will be playing, though Flynn played pretty well last weekend. I think Flynn only played well because that's the name of the lead character in Tron: Legacy. However, this is the year of the bounceback... and if a team ever deserved a bounceback game, it would be the Giants, who had a soul-crushing defeat last week at the hands of DeSean Jackson and Mr. Vick. Pick: Giants

Upset of the Week
Baltimore @ Cleveland- Mangini only respects teams with good records... and his back is really up against a wall now after close, pathetic losses to the Bills and the Bengals. The Ravens just scored a huge victory... so I'm smelling letdown in the snow.
Pick: Cleveland

SF @ St. Louis- The fact that 5-9 San Fran is still alive and can easily win the division is just awesome. I think the Rams are going to win, only because the 49ers won earlier this season.
Pick: Rams

CAR @ Pitt - Pick: Pitt
Dallas @ Arizona- Pick: Dallas
Detroit @ Miami- Can the Dolphins please win a 2nd game at home? I'm beginning to get concerned for their coach... Pick: Miami
Minny @ Philly - Pick: Philly
Wash @ Jack- Pick: Jacksonville

Seattle @ Tampa- I don't trust the Seahawks outside the division. Pick: Tampa
NE @ Buff- Pick: New England
Jets @ Chicago- Pick: Jets
Tennesee @ KC- KC is undefeated at home somehow... but... I think it's going to finally end this week. Pick: Tennessee
Indy @ Oakland- Pick: Indy
Houston @ Denver- Pick: Houston
SD @ Cincy- Pick: SD
NO @ ATL- I think they are both making the playoffs... but the Saints are due for a bounce-back after getting tripped up against Baltimore.
Pick: NO

Last Week: 12-4
Season: 139-82
Manwich: 13-4 (Philly miracled the Giants; New Orleans failed against Baltimore)
Upset of the Week: 11-13 (The Jets bounced back against the Steelers!)

Chin Up, Browns Fans

You've got this nugget of history going for you.

(h/t Deadspin)

Congrats to UCONN women

The UConn women's 89 straight wins is quite an accomplishment. Congrats to them. Despite their success, I am still going to poke fun at women's basketball. Actually, I'm gonna let Family Guy do it for me.



Mighty Bets for 2010 BCS Bowls

If the other bowl games are for fun , the BCS is where the real gamblers earn their keep. The stakes are higher, the predictions harder, the fact that everyone will taunt you looms high. And yet I will not only make predictions but as always make substantial wagers......

Fiesta Bowl
What I'm willing to Bet: Rod and Todd Flanders

Pick: Oklahoma over UConn

The Big East has never won a BCS bowl and UConn might be the worst team to ever represent the Big East. They are 62nd in total offense! Yes Big Game Bob has been awful in bowl games lately but if he can't beat UConn he needs to pack it in. I'm so confident I'm willing to risk the Flanders.

Rose Bowl
What I'm Willing to Bet: Colonel's House

Pick: Wisconsin over TCU
I'm willing to grant that TCU has a phenomenal defense. However it is a defense built for combating the small fast teams (TCU literally invented the 3-3-5 - the alignment that's used against spread-option teams now). A 3-3-5 (that's 3 DLs, 3 LBs, and 5 CBs) is not going to match up well against Wisconsin's mashers up front. Yes it's possible but I'm risking Castle Grayskull, Colonel's main fortress.

Orange Bowl
What I'm Willing to Bet: An Alpaca

Pick: Stanford over Virginia Tech

If you fell asleep after week 2 you'd think that this was a giant mistake having V-Tech in the BCS. It still might be but V-Tech did go undefeated in the ACC. So they got that going for them. Which is nice. On the one hand Stanford has Andrew Luck - a great pro prospect. On the other V-Tech has Taylor - a great college QB. V-Tech has the home field time zone and a statistically superior defense. However I'm going to side with Harbaugh. When it doubt go with the coach that would ride an alpaca to a bowl game.

National Championship
What I'm Willing to Bet: A trip to an Indian buffet

Pick: Aurbun over Oregon

While most people are falling heads over heels in picking an Auburn win, I'm willing to entertain Oregon. The main reason...Cam Newton. How often have we seen Heisman Trophy QB winners fat off banquet tours fall flat in the National Championship game? It's a lot . Add in that Oregon has made great adjustments at halftime and it might nullify Auburn's comeback nature. However as much as I want to go with Oregon, the SEC myth has seeped into my brain and I'll go with Auburn. But it's going to be close...

Sugar Bowl

What I'm Willing to Bet: My Self-Esteem

Pick: Ohio State over Arkansas

Last year tOSU reversed its' BCS losing ways and crushed Oregon. This year they face the other major monkey on their back...the SEC. The Buckeyes are 0-9 versus the SEC in bowl games. Not sure why that matters other than it means my self-esteem as a proud Ohioan/Union Man is on the line. Arkansas is the best offense the Buckeyes have faced in a looong time. A pro style offense averaging nearly 40 points a game, a passing attack 4th in the nation, a future first round QB, an evil soulless head coach, etc.. It'll be tough. However the Buckeyes are getting healthier in the secondary, are laden with seniors, and have actually pulled out some quality wins in the TP era. It might just be the year tOSU can help silence the cries of Slow Big 10. And whether I want to or not I'm risking crying in the corner with Binky if they don't win....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NBA Update: About A Third of the Way In

Let's check in on the NBA...

Bona Fide Contenders:
San Antonio Spurs - I thought before the season that Tony Parker would be traded off as the Spurs refused to commit. I was really wrong. Instead, they signed him to an extension, and the Spurs are off to a ridiculous 23-3 start.

Boston Celtics - Off to a 22-4 start. Garnett playing very efficiently, in only 32 mpg.

Miami Heat - Slow start, but they are playing better now of course. As a Clevelander, I'm not allowed to write anything more about it at this time.

Dallas Mavericks - Tyson Chandler is finally healthy for the first time in what seems like 2 or 3 years. As a result... the Mavs have been fantastic. Dirk is also playing out of his mind (56% FG%, 42% 3-pointers, 25 ppg, 7.6 reb.)

Biggest Surprises:
Utah Jazz - Deron Williams and Millsap have been great. CJ Miles has been giving solid production off the bench surprisingly. Plus, Okur just came back from his injury. He's easing into the season, but they should get even better I assume.

NY Knicks - I tentatively have to mention them... though they don't play defense and I don't think they've beaten any good teams still. Stoudemire, Felton, and Gallinari have played well together.

Biggest Disappointments:
LA Clippers - 7-21 - They've won some games lately... but sheesh. Chris Kaman hasn't been good at all this season and has been injured. Blake Griffin's putting up big numbers... but everyone else other than Eric Gordon are playing awful.

Portland - 14-14 - Brandon Roy's knee problems have turned him into a below-average player. He should just rest up and not come back until he's healthy. Wesley Matthews has saved them a few nights... but Roy still has a higher ceiling of course.

Players: Biggest Surprises:
PF Kevin Love (T-wolves): A preposterous, 21 ppg, 15.7 rebs, and 2.3 assists per game!
PG Raymon Felton (Knicks): 18.4 ppg, 9 assists, 1.9 steals... and the Knicks are winning some games at least!
SF/SG Wilson Chandler (Knicks): Another big surprise, 17.1 ppg, 6.3 rebs, and 47% FG%.
SG Manu Ginobili (Spurs): An MVP-type season... and 19.8ppg, 4.9 assists, and 1.7 steals.

Players: Biggest Disappointments
Gerald Wallace (Bobcats) - Has struggled shooting (again), at 42%. 2.7 TOs per game, and only 8.1 rebounds per game... after getting like 12 last season.
Brook Lopez (Nets) - I'm just disappointed that this 7-footer is only getting 6.3 rebounds per game. That's terrible. If you look on basketball-reference, you'll see his rebounding percentage has been awful this season.
Chauncey Billups (Nuggets) - A few injuries. A super young PG playing great behind him (Ty Lawson). Billups age may FINALLY be catching up with him (35% FG%, 14.4 ppg, 5.4 assists, 2.9 TOs)
Joe Johnson (Hawks) - Here's a big surprise. The guy who really didn't deserve max money is playing poorly. Shooting 40% from the field and still not contributing much else (4.1 rebs, 5.4 assists).
Mo Williams (Cavs) - Shooting 41% from the field, and an awful 28% from 3-point land (despite being a career 40% from 3-point land). Boo.
Tyreke Evans (Kings) - The Kings have been awful so far this season. I thought Tyreke would make the leap to greatness this season... and I was really wrong. Shooting 39% from the field, only 17 ppg, 5.3 assists, and a whopping 3.1 TOs.

A Fitting Farewell

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Brett.

Monday, December 20, 2010

MMBSD: Par for the Course

In honor of great beards (h/t Dr. Saturday)

In what seems par for the course this year of unpredictability, counter-intuitiveness, and insanity Andy Reid was vindicated in that he fleeced Washington in trading Mcnabb. Sure a lot of people thought Reid got the better of the deal but that McNabb wouldn't even make it out the season? Or that the Sex Cannon would do better than McNabb? With Oakland, Cleveland, St.Louis, and Detroit all making steps forward this year , the Redskin might hold the title of most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL. Or that the guy who would replace McNabb would be the league MVP? What a weird year!

The one constancy all these years has been Indy's mastery of the AFC South. With a big win over Jacksonville, the Colts regain control of their destiny. Win and yet another AFC South is theirs. However unlike in years past the Colts seem a step behind the elite of the NFL.

The other constancy is Rex Grossman throwing horrible INTs. Whew. At least that's the same

The Giants collapse against the Iggles should not even be analyzed it was sooo bad.

The Browns loss to the Bungals should finish off Mangini. It's a festivus miracle

Minnesota v. Chicago tonight...old school and by old school I mean being tackled on concrete

Johanna Lundback. Will be coming to the BSD new year's party. All contributors are of course welcome.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orlando Trades Most of their Team: What is Otis Smith Doing?

I'm trying to wrap my head around the trades that the Orlando Magic's GM just did. I know why the Phoenix Suns did the trade (money). I know why the Washington Wizards did the trade (monye - Rashard Lewis only has 2 years guaranteed money due... Arenas = 4 years!). But why in the world did the Orlando Magic make all these moves... unless it's a compelte knee-jerk reaction by Orlando GM Otis Smith? Money-wise, Orlando took on a lot more commitments. Vince Carter's deal was expiring, and instead the Magic now owe 4 years to Turkoglu. Thus, the only way to say this trade is good is if it helps you win immediately.

Here is what the Orlando Magic gave up:
PF R. Lewis
SF Vince Carter
SG Pietrus
C Gortat
2011 first round pick
$3 million

Here is what they get: PF/SF Turkoglu, SG J. Richardson, PG/SG G. Arenas, PF Earl Clark (he's unimportant throw-in). So... they just lost four players, a first round pick, $3 million, their backup center (who is a starter on most teams), to get these 3 players:
Turkoglu, Richardson, and Arenas.

Their old rotation:
PF R. Lewis
SF V. Carter
C D. Howard
SG Q. Richardson
PG J. Nelson
6- PF -Bass
7-SG/SF -Pietrus
8- SG - Redick
9-C - Gortat

Their new rotation:
PF Bass (from the bench to being a starter)
SF Turkoglu
C D. Howard
SG J. Richardson
PG Arenas
6 - PG - J. Nelson
7 - SG - Q. Richardson
8 - SG/SF - Pietrus
9- PF - Ryan Anderson (who shoots 3s like Rashard Lewis)

Note: Arenas has been shooting terrible so far this season (39% from the field, and 32% from 3-point land). The more I think about it... I could see doing the Phoenix trade (giving up Vince Carter, Pietrus, and Gortat to get Turkolgu and J. Richardson). Turkoglu and J. Richardson are probably improvements in comparison to playing Vince Carter and Q. Richardson heavy minutes. The main variable would be whether Turkoglu plays hard enough or whether he doesn't care at all, like last season in Toronto. Judging by his performance at the World Championships this past summer, where Turkoglu looked amazing and helped Turkey reach the finals, I think Turkoglu still has something left in the tank, so he is an improvement in this system over Vince Carter.

However, the part of all this trading that makes no sense to me is this:
Why did you just trade Rashard Lewis to get Gilbert Arenas????

Okay, I actually don't like either player this much in their careers. In fact, Rashsard Lewis is having one of his worst seasons, especially if you look at +/- and win-share on basketball-reference.

However.... you know who else also sucks this season? Gilbert Arenas. He's having career-lows in eFG%, ast%. Rebound%, Win-share. Of course, some of this could be the fact that he's on a bad team. But Arenas has bad knees and is due 4 guaranteed seasons (not 2 guaranteed seasons and a partially guaranteed season). In addition, once Orlando brings in Arenas, doesn't this mean that Jameer Nelson's numbers are then limited? I just can't follow the logic for this trade.... and I can't justify it.

FINAL VERDICT: Not a good idea. Should never have traded Rashard Lewis for Arenas. Yes, Rashard is playing like dog-poo this season... but getting Arenas isn't going to help the situation. In facdt, it's going to make it more confusing!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RIP Bob Feller

Every city has it's most beloved baseball player. In Cleveland it was Bob Feller. It was more than he was a hall of fame pitcher. It was his stories. How after his rookie year he went back to Iowa to finish high school. How he enlisted in the armed forces after Pearl Harbor. How he organized a tour and pitched across the country with Satchel Paige and other Negro League stars. How Spring Training really never started until Rapid Robert showed up (occasionally practicing his pick off move). Thanks for the memories Bob.....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mighty's 2010-2011 Bag O' Bowl Predictions

It's back. That time of year where I make tons of predictions on bowl games and then fail miserably at it. Remember next week is BCS games so I'm just summarizing the best of the non-BCS bowl. And without further ado.... my favorite bowls of the non-bcs version

Dec 22nd The MAACO Bowl
Utah v. Boise State
Boise which came over so close to the BCS championship game ends up playing the best non-BCS bowl matchup. Well for now. This is Utah's last game as a non-BCS as next year it's off to the Pac 12.
Food of Choice: Mini-Egg Rolls. We're still in bowl appetizer mode
Pick: Boise State

Dec 24th The Hawaii Bowl
Hawaii v. Tulsa
If this seems like a random bowl game to follow it is. But the reason is that both are top 8 offensives and horrible defenses. If you want to see basketballesque scores this is the game to watch.
Food of Choice: Empanadas . I recommend black bean but chicken is also acceptable
Pick: Tulsa

Dec 30th Holiday Bowl
Nebraska v. Washington

So this bowl is a rematch of a Nebraska blowout win. Major blow out win. This is also uberhyped Jake Lockler's last chance to actually be a good football player as opposed to a figment of certain ESPN draft analyst (Todd McShay cough cough)
Food of Choice: Tuna Melt. Muenster cheese is preferable but I'll allow swiss if you are in a pinch.
Pick: Nebraska

Dec 31th Various Has Been Bowls
Notre Dame v. Miami
South Carolina v. FSU

It'll be the day before New Years so you shouldn't have much doing other making sure you have enough booze and that the ass groove in your couch is ready for national hangover day. So in honor of not really paying attention here are two bowls from schools or coaches that have seen better days or more bluntly are has beens.
Food of Choice: Mac and Cheese. You'll need the carbs
Picks: Notre Dame and South Carolina

Jan 1
Big 10 v. SEC Bowls
Outback Bowl (Florida v. Penn State)
Gator Bowl (Michigan v. Miss St)
Capital One/Citrus Bowl (Alabama v. Michigan State)

With the switching of the Gator Bowl tie in the Big 10 and SEC will have at minimum 3 matchups per year (this year 4 with tOSU in the Sugar Bowl). It's time for the War between the states (or what I believe is referred to as the War of Northern Aggression in SEC country) to be re-enacted with it's full vitriol
Food of Choice: Ginger Bread. It was the food of choice in Union hospitals during the Civil War
Picks: Straight SEC. Not good match-ups for the Big 10

Jan 7th Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M v. LSU

The Cotton Bowl used to be one of the Big 4 bowls but was left in the dirt during various power grabs, corruption scandals, and bad luck. Jerry Jones through power grabs, corruption, and an intergalactic fun house is trying to return the Cotton Bowl to its former glory. Stage 1 get great matchups.
Food of Choice: Chilli. It's the official food of Texas due to immigration concerns eliminating Tex-Mex
Pick: LSU

Week 15 - Manwich for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert!

The slate of games last week smelled worse than a bathroom at a freshman dorm hall on taco night... but this week's games are awesome!

Manwich Matchup of the Week #1
Philly @ Giants- One game... and the division title and the bye in the playoffs are probably in the line. The stakes don't get much higher. The Eagles won the first game, so I suppose that means the Giants should win this game. However... I believe that this season is all about a Vick vs. Falcons collision course. So... I'm going with the Eagles again!
Pick: Philly

Manwich Matchup of the Week #2
New Orleans @ Baltimore- Well... normally, bounce-back theory would tell me to pick Baltimore. However, they are completely susceptible to the passing game, so I'm going with the Saints.
Pick: New Orleans

Upset of the Week
Jets @ Pitt- Bounceback theory is in play. Jets just suffered a horrible loss (to the Dolphins). The Steelers have been winning a lot.
Pick: Jets

Opening Round Playoff Game #14
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland (twicer), Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Indy! (lost to Dallas)
SF @ SD - Well, it doesn't get much crazier than this. Both teams have their backs against the wall and need help to get in. Good luck to everyone involved!
Pick: SD

Opening Round Playoff Game #15
Jacksonville @ Indy- Let's say Indy wins, then they win the next 2 games (Oakland, Tennessee). Let's say Jacksonville loses, but then they win the next 2 games (Wash, Hou ). They would both have the same record, would have split head-to-head, the same divisional records, and the same conference records. The next tiebreaker is then "record in common games." The Jaguars would be 4-4. The Colts would be 5-3. Thus... the Colts would move on!
Pick: Indy

KC @ St. Louis- In the unlikeliest game w/ playoff implications... I think Cassel is going to play and the Chiefs are going to complete the 4-game sweep of the NFC West (which leaves them at just 5-5 in the AFC, which includes a lucky win over Cleveland, Bufflo, and a really lucky win over San Diego).
Pick: KC

Houston @ Tenn - Pick: Houston (I think they are still trying at least)

Arizona @ CAR- Pick: CAR ( I think the Cardinals wasted their luck last week)
Cleveland @ Cincy- Pick: Cincy (losers of 10 straight get the perfect elixir... a Browns team that only plays to "not lose" by continously running up the middle)
Buff @ Miami- Okay... I'm going to pick Miami to win at home. I hope I don't get burned.
Pick: Miami
Wash @ Dallas- Pick: Washington (that was an unlucky loss last week, so they should win this week)
Detroit @ Tampa- Pick: Tampa
ATL @ Seattle- Pick: ATL
Denver @ Oakland- Did you know? The Raiders are 6-7... but 4-0 in the division!?! Pick: Oakland
GB @ New England- Sadly, Aaron Rodgers probably can't play this week. Matt Flynn has to save the season for Green Bay... and I don't think that's going to happen. Pick: New England
Chicago @ Minny- Pick: Chicago

Last Week: 12-4
Season: 127-78
Manwich: 12-3 (NE crushed the Bears. There is no pain in this dojo! No sensei!)
Upset of the Week: 10-13 (Missed Jacksonville over Oakland, but hit it big on the dysfunctional Arizona beating the dysfunctional Denver)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

MMBSD: Deflating...

Lots of Random we'll try the 6 pack form.....

1) Brett Favre's deflating implosion reached irony status when the Metrodome's roof collapsed under the strain of weight and time. It does seem appropriate that if finally has to miss a game one will see it.

2) The Redskins seem to have found new and intriguing ways to lose....2 missed field goals and a last second botched extra point yields a new low point. Right?

3) The Patriots seem to be rounding into playoff form and might be the favorites to win it all. 2 straight blowouts, a 11-2 record and 3 manageable games to finish things. Meet your #1 seed.

College Football
4) Will Muschamp was the highest paid assistant coach in College Football. Mack Brown's CEO approach meant that Muschamp more or less ran the D, handled all recruiting, and was poised to replace Brown when he retired. However the ex-Saban disciple will be taking over the Gators job. As Muschamp has never been a head coach its unclear how he'll do but all the signs at minimum point to an outstanding recruiter.

5) The other job Florida job (Miami) will be going to Al Golden. Golden was once thought as Paterno's successor at PSU Golden (no relation to me. I think) turned around the morbid Temple program and now has to step up to the big boys. (side note Auburn's O coordinator Guz Malzehin is headed to Vandy for $ 3 million a year. umm where did that money come from?)

6) During the holiday season it's important to keep eating your fruits and vegetables. Monica Bellucci demonstrates the correct method...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Week 14 - The End of the Moustache?

I realize Dave Wannstedts was coaching college football... but it was announced Dave Wannstedt had resigned after 6 years of typical Wannstedt football (not quite delivering on the promises that were made, but lots of awesome moustache jokes and fun for the fans).

It's strange, but what started out of hatred for the Moustache has transformed into love. I love the Moustache. It makes me laugh. But really, I laugh at Wannstedt because I think he's incompetent. I think Pitt made me really enjoy the Moustache's antics. I still will never forget how happy he was when Pitt shocked the world and beat West Virginia and prevented W. Va. from going to the National Championship game. I hope the Moustache finds a new gig... just not with one of the teams I'm rooting for!

On to the games.... there are lot of bad ones

Manwich Matchup of the Week --
New England @ Chicago- Normally, the bounce-back theory would choose New England. However, I have no respect for Chicago.
Pick: New England

Upset of the Week #1 and
Opening Round Playoff Game #14
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Indy! (lost to Dallas)
Oak @ Jack- I can't believe these two overachievers get to play each other at this point! I'm going with Oakland... only because I respect them more than Jacksonville I think.
Pick: Oakland

Upset of the Week #2 -
Denver @ Arizona- Very slim pickings this week. I feel like these are two of the most dysfunctional teams from this year...
Pick: Arizona

Other games...
Indy @ Tenn - Pick: Indy
Cincy @ Pitt - Pick: pitt
Cleve @ Buff - Pick: Buff
Giants @ Minny- Pick: Giants
GB @ Detroit - Pick: GB
ATL @ CAR - Pick: ATL
Tampa @ Wash- Pick: Tampa
St. Louis @ New Orleans- Pick: New Orleans
Seattle @ SF- Pick: Seattle
Miami @ Jets- Pick: Jets
KC @ SD - Pick: SD (please start winning!)
Philly @ Dallas- Pick: Philly
Balt @ Houston- Pick: Baltimore

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 115-74
Manwich: 11-3 (Pitt beat Baltimore for revenge; the Pats beat the Jets for revenge! That's a double-manwich patty!)
Upset of the Week: 9-12 (Tampa fell short against ATL; Buffalo didn't even come close against Minnesota)

Skynet Championship Series: Judgment Day in the Year 2010

Judgment Day is upon us... and Skynet has demanded a game that every other person and robot wants... it's Auburn vs. Oregon!

In case anyone was curious, this is the 5th version of Skynet... and the only time Skynet has agreed with the humans. Finally, a year of peace between man and the machines.

Here are the other years, if anyone was curious:
2009: Skynet: Bama vs. Cincy (got destroyed by Florida in a different game); BCS: Bama vs. Texas (got smoked by Bama)
2008: Skynet: Oklahoma vs. Texas; BCS: Oklahoma vs. Florida (won champ, despite Skynet snub)
2007: Skynet: LSU vs. Va. Tech; BCS: LSU vs. Ohio State
2006: Skynet: Ohio St vs. Michigan; BCS: Ohio St vs. Florida (won champ, despite Skynet snub)

Perhaps more interesting, Oklahoma edged out TCU by fractions of a point for #3. In the human rankings, Oklahoma is only 8 and 9 in the polls, and only 7th in the BCS.

Most underrated by the humans: Oklahoma, LSU, Missouri
Most overrated by the humans: Wisconsin, Ohio St, Mich St (the computers do not like the Big Ten this year in any way); Va Tech (a whopping #18 in the computers, but #13 in the BCS).

SCS BCS Sched Rnk Harris Coaches
1 Auburn 0.15 1 22 1 2
2 Oregon 1.46 2 70 2 1
3 Oklahoma 4.69 7 1 9 8
4 TCU 4.69 3 91 3 3
5 Stanford 5.92 4 57 5 5
6 Arkansas 6.38 8 21 8 8
7 LSU 8.08 11 17 11 12
8 Wisconsin 9.38 5 74 4 4
9 Missouri 9.55 12 8 13 14
10 Ohio St 10.17 6 63 6 6
11 Mich St 10.23 9 64 7 7
12 Boise St 11.68 10 66 10 10
13 Ok St 12.11 14 26 15 13
14 Texas A&M 13.56 17 6 18 17
15 Alabama 13.84 16 18 16 18
16 Nevada 15.64 15 98 14 15
17 Nebraska 16.04 18 31 17 16
18 Va Tech 17.01 13 71 12 11
19 S. Car 17.85 20 10 20 20
20 Utah 18.27 19 76 19 19

College Football Trend Watching : 2010 in Review

As always there will be plenty of time for Bowl predictions (umm next week) but in the meantime a quick look at the year that was

My Prediction: V-Tech
Biggest Surprise: Maryland - Expected to finish at the bottom of the ACC they were in contention for the title until nearly the end.
Biggest Disappointment- Miami - They were expected to challnege for the ACC title if not more. They didn't
Player of the year: Tyrod Taylor - He led V-Tech to an undefeated year in the ACC.

Big 12
My Prediction: Oklahoma
Biggest Surprise: Ok State (TBPU) - After losing arguably one of their best QBs in school history alongside a slew of play makers on both sides of the ball Ok State was expected to be at the bottom of the league.Instead they were probably the second best team in the league
Biggest Disappointment - Texas. They lost to UCLA at home. No other explanation is needed.
Player of the Year - Justin Blackman - Nearly broke Larry Fitzgerald's NCAA receiving yards record. His lowest yardage in a game of the season was 105.

Big 10
My Prediction: Ohio State
Biggest Surprise: Michigan State. Wisconsin was expected to be good. Michigan State basically has the same team as last year but won 5 more games.
Biggest Disappointment: Iowa. Finished the year 4-4 in the Conference.
Player of the Year: Wisconsin's all-american OT Gabe Carimi . This might be a controversial pick but Wisconsin was the conferences best team and it was the dominating o-line that did it. Carimi made sure whoever was the running back he succeeded. Yes Robinson put up ridiculous stats but ill-timed turnovers in the red zone I think keeps him from THE best award.

Pac 10
My Prediction: Oregon State
Biggest Surprise: Stanford. Stanford was even better than last despite losing Geirhart...pretty stunning outcome.
Biggest Disappointment: Oregon State. Yes they lost a Rodgers but Oregon State was mediocre at best despite widespread predictions of being the 2nd best team in the league.
Player of the Year: Andrew Luck. Yes Lamarcus James had crazy numbers but so did his backup. It's the system. Luck is simply irreplaceable for Stanford.

My Prediction: Alabama
Biggest Surprise: Auburn. Well I have a team from Alabama going to the Championship. That counts for something, right?
Biggest Disappointment: Florida. Yes Alabama failed to live up to the hype but Florida was .500 in the SEC despite being unanimously picked to win the SEC East.
Player of the Year: Cameron Newton. As of now he would set the NCAA record for highest QB rating ever. As of now the NCAA still thinks he's eligible. Both seem odd.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

MMBSD: Playoffs

As always your Monday Morning thoughts (written Sunday night)

After a wacky and wild NFL year the playoffs can finally be discussed with some well accuracy. The AFC all but the seedings and playoff fodder (read AFC South and West) are decided. I suppose it's some sort of race to decide if KC or San Diego or Oakland make it. Or if Indy can claw its way back into the division race but does anyone really think any of those above mentioned teams can win the AFC?

The NFC playoff race appears to be a little more interesting as there's a number of good teams on the outside (read Green Bay) and those inside are tightly bunched with uncertainty all of over the place as to home field/byes. While Chicago is in good position at the moment they probably have the toughest remaining schedule (New England, Jets, Green Bay) so I'm uncertain where they will end up.

It seemed inevitable that the Favre era (if this is the end) should end with injuries and controversy. It just seems appropriate.

College Football
The last week of College Football was pretty anti-climatic. No controversy. No sudden death insanity. Really no upsets. Pretty much by the books, better team won out. The result is that the BCS has a number of great bowls. Yes it's easy to complain about who was left out (guess what Sparty next time don't get blown out by 31 to a mediocre team) or who was left in (any Big East school) but no system would get it right so I say to the haters, have a coke and a smile and STFU.

While next week I'll go more in depth with bowl analysis a few things to note. The obvious is this probably the first Mythical Championship where both teams have average (at best) defenses. This might be the insane shootout ESPN has been waiting for . I say might as more time to scheme I think benefits the D. I think. That said the story that will be played up 5... as in the SEC is going for its 5th straight National title. This is the first time the SEC and PAC have faced one another on this stage. Other stories to follow: 4 Big 10 v. SEC Bowl Games, Utah v. Boise the Best not AQ matchup bowl. Air Force v. G-Tech old fashioned bowl (both run the triple option) and Miami v. Notre Dame (the has been bowl). Other bowls people are excited for?

And your random hottie to get you through a Monday
Sara Jean Underwood is getting stretched and ready for Bowl season

Friday, December 03, 2010

Ron Santo, 1940-2010

A career .277 hitter with 342 home runs and over 1300 RBI.

A five-time Gold Glover and a nine-time All-Star.

A role model and an inspiration to generations of Cubs fans.

A hero to thousands of children afflicted with juvenile diabetes.

Above all, a legend and a class act.

Rest in peace, Ronnie.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Week 13 - I think Cortland Finnegan is a Harry Potter villain

Here we are... the crucial part of the season.

By the way, I have no idea what you have to do to get suspended. If WR Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan (a Harry Potter villain? A Brit?) can rip off their helmets and have a full out fight in the middle of a game and STILL not get suspended... well, there's really nothing you can do to get suspended then. Now, if you break laws, that will still get you suspended.

Anyways, For the last 4 weeks, I've applied the insane "bounce-back theory," to some very positive results. Last week I would have gone 13-3 if CAR made that kick. I'm staying the course, even if it makes no sense.

Manwich Matchup of the Week #1
Pitt @ Baltimore- Baltimore won the 1st game by 3 in Pitt. The Steelers should return the favor.
Pick: Pitt

Manwich Matchup of the Week #2
Jets @ NE - The Jets won the 1st game. The Pats will win the 2nd game.
Pick: NE

Upset of the Week #1
ATL @ Tampa - Tampa lost a close game to Baltimore last week. ATL had an epic win over GB, so it would be only fitting that ATL lose this week now that the press has anointed them the favorites in the NFC.
Pick: Tampa

Upset of the Week #2
Buff @ Minny- Minny got a rare victory last week. Meaning, it's time to lose again!
Pick: Buff

Opening Round Playoff Game #13
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington

Dallas @ Indy - Look. If Indy can't win this game, I'm not sure if they are going to survive their division. Plus, Indy has lost two games in a row, so its time to bounce back.
Pick: Indy

Hou@ Philly- Pick: Philly
Cleve@ Miami - Wow. It really is Lebron vs. Cleveland week. Even the Dolphins and Browns are getting in on the action. I think CLE's win last week was too lucky... so they lose this week.
Pick: Miami
Jack @ Tenn - Pick: Jack (Tenn still has no QB)
Denver @ KC- KC will win by 30. Then Denver's coach can return the favor and not shake KC's coach hand.
Pick: KC
Wash @ Giants- Pick: Giants
Chicago @ Detroit - Revenge is sweet... but the Lions can't exact revenge for their week 1 loss (where the refs blew the call) because Detroit is down to QB #3 Drew Stanton.
Pick: Chicago
SF @ GB- Classic bounceback theory game... the Packers lost a close game last week and the 49ers have won a bunch of late.
Pick: GB
NO @ Cincy- Pick: NO (I don't know when the Bungals are winning a game again)
Oak @ SD- Pick: SD
CAR @ Seattle- Pick: Seattle
St. Louis @ Arizona- Pick: St. Louis (they lost their opener to the Cardinals, so they should be able to bounce back now that Sam Bradford is more seasoned).

Last Week: 12-4 (wow)
Season: 104-69
Manwich: 9-3 (ATL beat GB)
Upset of the Week: 9-10 (SD beat Indy; CAR missed the kick against CLE)

Skynet Championship Series: Week 7 in the Year 2010

Most underrated by the humans: Arkansas, Oklahoma, LSU, Missouri

Most overrated by the humans: Wisconsin, Ohio St, Boise St (still overrated by the humans!), Va. Tech (horribly overrated... would be well below 20th in the computers).

Please note that Skynet serves no purpose in a year like this when we all know that auburn and oregon are playing each other if they both win.

SCS BCS Sched Rnk Harris Coaches
1 auburn 0.19 1 32 2 2
2 oregon 1.56 2 70 1 1
3 tcu 3.89 3 82 3 3
4 stanford 5.59 4 56 5 5
5 arkansas 5.86 7 15 8 8
6 oklahoma 6.83 9 2 9 9
7 lsu 8.12 10 23 11 12
8 wisconsin 8.91 5 74 4 4
9 mich st 8.95 8 60 7 7
10 missouri 9.03 12 11 14 14
11 Ohio st 9.05 6 62 6 6
12 ok st 11.81 14 28 16 15
13 boise st 12.84 11 67 10 10
14 nebraska 13.04 13 53 13 13
15 texas a&m 13.16 18 6 19 18
16 alabama 13.87 16 19 18 19
17 nevada 16.75 17 103 15 17
18 s. carolina 17.43 19 29 17 16
19 utah 18.22 20 78 21 21
20 va tech 18.97 15 83 12 11

College Football Trend Watching : The Final Week

Well one week to go. All that's left is championship week. Here are the key games and the scenarios that come out of it....

  • TCU has for all intensive purposes clinched a BCS bid. It will go either to the Rose Bowl or the Mythical Championship game.
  • Stanford by virtue of its #4 ranking will have a BCS bid. It could replace TCU in the Rose Bowl or more likely the Fiesta Bowl will be stuck with them
  • Wisconsin will be going to a BCS bowl..almost assuredly the Rose Bowl
  • Short of some epic weirdness Ohio State will be going to a BCS bowl probably the Sugar Bowl (possibly the Orange Bowl)

Remaining Games/Scenarios
Oregon @ Oregon State - Win and the Ducks are off to the Championship, lose and they are off to the Rose Bowl (probably)

Virginia Tech v. Florida State - Winner gets the ACC spot in the Orange Bowl

Nebraska v. Oklahoma - Winner gets the Big 12 spot in the Fiesta Bowl

UConn @ South Florida - If UConn wins (or West Virginia loses) they win the Big East and go to the Orange Bowl (or Fiesta Bowl). If West Virginia wins and UConn loses then West Virginia wins will go to the Orange Bowl (better traveling fans)

Auburn v. South Carolina - If Auburn wins then Auburn goes the Championship game and Arkansas goes to the Sugar Bowl. If South Carolina wins , they will go to the Sugar Bowl and Auburn could go anywhere from the Championship Game to the Orange Bowl.

Prediction Time 12/1

BCS Championship: Oregon v. Auburn
Orange Bowl : Virginia Tech v. Stanford
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas v. Ohio State
Fiesta: UConn v. Oklahoma
Rose Bowl: TCU v. Wisconsin