Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Not surprising, but sad nonetheless. Yao was fun to watch, and when healthy was pretty dominating. I guess he our generation's Bill Walton. Is Greg Oden going to be next one to wear the "perpetually-injured-center" crown?

And then, onto Women's World Cup. I have to say, that was a really exciting team to watch. I am sadly disappointed we did not win, but in light of recent events, I am happy for the Japanese people. They needed a win.

That being said, we deserved to win that game. We played amazing in the first half, but just couldn't close the deal. In the second half we played well, but key mistakes cost us heavily. I was impressed with Japan's ability not to become too deflated or tired after the first half, but overall was not impressed with their talent. However, I feel really energized by our team, and with the exception of Wambach, all our key players will be there in four years. I think this team has a great future and hope some of their talent and poise can transfer to the men's team. Plus, Hope Solo is a megahottie; I want to party with her.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

I don't know how the talent and poise can transfer to the men's team, though I do hope the men's team can get a new coach and start playing some younger defenders (rather than hopelessly clinging to the 33-year old defenders they've been playing recently).

All in all, I agree with most everything you said, the US could have won the game but just let too many opportunities slip away. That's how the cookie crumbles, like when you kick too many field goals, you usually end up losing. You have to punch it in at some point and just put the game out of reach.