Sunday, May 01, 2011

NFL Draft Recap

The NFL draft, the NFL activity for awhile, has come and gone. Here are my 5 thoughts on the matter

1. This is an even harder draft to judge the normal given the inability to know how free agency will affect teams. What holes will team have due to free agency and which holes will be filled by free agency? Without knowing it's particularly hard to say which team is well positioned for next year.

2. One of the more baffling picks was the Ryan Mallet to New England. Yes there was value there but given Brady's new contract...what's the object of this selection outside of getting a good player.

3. I have to give a tip of the cap to the Browns' GM Tom Heckert for picking up the draft picks they did from Atlanta. Analysts that like quality over quantity gave Atlanta high marks but even Julio Jones turns into a star he isn't going to improve a defense that was slashed and burned by the Packers last year. I think it's a risky at best and stupid at worst move by the Falcons.

4. I honestly think none of the QBs selected in the first round will amount to anything. All seem to have serious shortcomings but it does go to show teams' desperations that they would throw huge amounts of money and high picks at such questionable talents.

5. I was impressed by both New Orleans and the Green Bay's picks. Solid players, hit needs, didn't give up picks for next year. Well done....

Your thoughts?

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) hooray to the browns for getting extra picks!
2) i wasn't a big fan of these QBs this year either... but everyone is so desperate. the one that made the least sense to me was Jacksonville trading up to get Gabbert, who then is going to sit for a while behind Garrard. If you wanted a 1st-round QB, but weren't going to play him for a while, why not wait until next draft, or the one thereafter when there are better QB prospects?
3) New Orleans looked pretty good with those 2 great picks in the 1st round. it's tough to judge this year's draft because there's so many linemen and its not like i'm an expert on assessing them (though they are key to winning & losing).