Friday, September 09, 2011

Week 1 of the NFL Season

I apologize for the late posting... I had Green Bay over New Orleans in the coin flip game on Thursday night... without much further ado... let's welcome the 1st week of the season!

Manwich Matchup of the Week

Pitt @ Baltimore - Since GB and New Orleans already played, and it seems cheap of me to use that as tthe Manwich game, we'll just use Pitt and Baltimore. Always a slugfest. Always injuries. Boy, I hate both of these teams. However, just for the record, both teams play the NFC West and AFC West this year, which should give each of them at least 7 wins, plus 2 wins each against the Bengals. Meaning... they are both going to the playoffs barring something crazy.
Pick: Baltimore
Upset of the Week
Dallas @ Jets - the cowboys offens is awesome... nothing like some drama for the jets to start the season!
Pick: Dallas

Opening Round Playoff Game #1
Tennessee @ Jacksonville - Not sure what to make of these teams. Tennesee has hasselbeck and a rookie qB; Jags starting a rookie Qb. who knows.
Pick: tennesseee

Fantasy Football Game of Interest
Philly @ Rams -
Vick, Bradford, some new rams WRs to pick up!
Pick: Philly

Det @ TB - TB
Buf @ KC - KC
ATL @ Chi - ATL
Indy @ Hou - Hou (should win the division sans Manning, Garrard, right?)
Cincy @ Cleve - clev
CAR @ Ariz - ariz
Minny @ SD - sd
Giants @ redskins - giants
Sea @ SF - Sea
NE @ Miami - NE
Oakland @ Denver - Oak

Next week, I'll actually take some time on this!

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