Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 2 - I'm Really Doing picks now!

All right... a bit of a snafu last week, and that's not even counting my awful picks. Week 1 of the season is always an eye-opener as you start to get a gauge on where everyone is at.

Manwich Matchup of the Week
San Diego @ NE - I think I'm still angry about how the Pats ruined the Chargers magical 14-2 season back in like 2006. I really wish the Chargers could win, but it seems like too much to ask at this point, especially if Belichick has the Pats passing for 500 yards every game.
Pick: NE

Upset of the Week

Arizona @ Washington - The Redskins are 4.5 point favorites? I just don't get it. I'll go with Kolb and the Cardinals. Otherwise, Rex Grossman will win 2 starts in a row. Speaking of Sexy Rexy, did anyone out there have Rex Grossman (Washington), Luke McCown (Jacksonville), AND Andy Dalton (Cincy) as winning their games last week? Those were probably the 3 most questionable starters on the board and they all won!
Pick: Arizona

Opening Round Playoff Game #2
Teams already eliminated: Tennessee
Cleveland @ Indy - With the Browns choking last week against the awful Bengals, and the Colts laying a big fat egg against the Texans, I think both teams will be going for broke this week. It would seem really unlikely that either 0-2 team could make a run to the playoffs. I've got to believe in the Shurminator... he came from the future to save the Browns (or at least i hope that's what's going on).
Pick: Cleveland

Fantasy Football Game of Interest
Philly @ ATL -
Vick against his old team! Plus, Michael Turner, Roddy White and all the other Falcons. Should be a fun Sunday night game for sure.
Pick: Philly

Other Games
Chicago @ New Orleans - Saints rebound
KC @ Detroit - Go Lions!
Jacksonville @ Jets - Jets keep winning
Oakland @ Buffalo - someone gets to go 2-0... I'll go with Buffalo
Baltimore @ Tenn -
Pick: Baltimore
Seattle @ Pitt -
Pick: Pitt
GB @ CAR -
Pick: GB
Tampa @ Minnesota - Not sure why minny's favored, I'll go with Tampa
Dallas @ SF - Pick: Dallas
Houston @ Miami - Pick: Houston
Cincy @ Denver - Pick: Denver
St. Louis @ Giants - Pick: Giants (both teams really banged up sadly)

Last Week: 7-9 (yowsers!)
Season: 7-9
Manwich Matchup: 1-0 (Baltimore gave Steelers a wedgie, the coach a wedgie, and the coach's son an atomic wedgie)
Upset of the Week: 0-1 (Dallas had the Jets right where they wanted them... then they blew it)

Past Years - I'm good in the odd years, just like the San Antonio Spurs

2004 – 150-106
Manwich Matchup: 7-11
Upset Special: 7-9

2005 – 160-96
Manwich Matchup: 10-7
Upset Special: 3-14 (That’s not a misprint)

2006: 148-108
Manwich Matchup: 12-7
Upset Special: 5-12

2007 - 166-90
Manwich Matchup: 13-4
Upset Special: 8-9

2008 - 149-106-1
Manwich Matchup: 11-8
Upset Special: 1-16 (that's also not a misprint)

2009 - 165-91
Manwich Matchup: 10-7
Upset of the Week: 8-9

2010 - 159-97
Manwich: 10-8
Upset of the Week: 9-9

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Laz said...

How you can say Dalton got the win?When he left the game at halftime, he was losing. Gradkowski engineered the "ahead drive" so by baseball rules, Gradkowski gets the win, not Dalton.
I think the Philly/Atlanta game is gonna be huge! Philly has such high expectations, but so did Atlanta coming into this year. For Atlanta to go down 0-2 would be insane.