Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 3 - As usual... we don't know what's happening!

The Redskins, Lions, and Bills are all undefeated! It's a good thing I bet on that before the season began. Yeah, right. The stranger thing? I think I'm picking Bills, Lions, and Redskins to be 3-0...

Manwich Matchup of the Week
Houston @ New Orleans - Wow. The Saints have a brutal schedule to start (Green Bay, Chicago, now Houston). This is one of those games where if the Texans win... everyone in the nation will jump on their bandwagon. I just don't think they're ready for that kind of treatment yet.
Pick: New Orleans

Upset of the Week

New England @ Buffalo - The Patriots are coming off of a huge win against San Diego. The Bills are also 2-0... but honestly the Patriots defense hasn't been that great. Yes, they forced some turnovers against San Diego, but I think the Bills are going to surprise the Patriots.
Pick: Buffalo

Opening Round Playoff Game #3
Teams already eliminated: Tennessee, Indy
SF & Cincy - I realize the Bengals weren't too far away from winning last week, as well as the 49ers, but I have no faith in either of these teams. None.
Pick: SF

Fantasy Football Game of Interest
GB &
Chi - Well, outside of Houston & New Orleans it's pretty slim pickings this week in terms of amazing fantasy matchups, especially with both Philly & Dallas nursing injuries.
Pick: GB

Other Games
Detroit @ Minny - 3-0 for the lions!
Giants @ Eagles - Pick: Eagls
Jags @ Panthers - Pick: Panthers
Denver @ Titans - Pick: Titans
Miami @ Cleve - Pick: Browns
KC @ SD - Pick: SD
Baltimore @ St. Louis - Pick: BAltimore
Jets @ Oakland - Pick: Jets
GB @ Bears - Pick: Bears
ATL @ TB - Pick: ATL
Arizona @ Seattle - Pick: Arizona
Pitt @ Indy - Pick: Pitt
Washington @ Dallas - Pick: Washington

Last Week: 13-3 (hooray for respectability)
Season: 20-12
Manwich Matchup: 2-0 (The Pats beat my beloved Super-chargers)
Upset of the Week: 0-2 (The Cardinals looked good... then they blew it against the Redskins)

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Mighty Mike said...

I'll go with NE, Seattle, and Denver