Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 10 - Return of Stupid Thursday Games

I'm not a fan of the Thursday games... but they are back. I apologize for the late posting.

Manwich Matchup of the Week
NO @ ATL - Saints are 6-3, Falcons 5-3 entering the game. This game is very important in the crowded NFC South and surprisingly, one of the teams will get knocked down to 4 losses, leaving even less room for error in the 2nd half. The stakes are high, but I tend to think the Falcons still don't have the firepower to get through this.
Pick: NO

Upset of the Week
OPitt @ Cincy - I think the Bengals are going to shock the world and beat the Steelers and continue to be in the playoff chase. I think the Bengals defense has been great, but this will be a tougher test.
Pick: Cincy

Opening Round Playoff Game #10
Teams already eliminated: Tennessee, Indy, Cincy, Minnesota, Arizona, Jacksonville, Miami, Washington, Seattle
St. Louis @ Cleveland - Well... this game is actually perfect for this point of the season. It's usually hard to find a perfect play-in game between bad teams, but I found one. Both teams have had injuries that have really hurt. The Rams keep losing WRs, the Browns keep losing RBs. Should be an ugly game, but I may watch it since it's one of the few left where the Browns could actually compete.
Pick: Cleveland

Fantasy Football Game of Interest:
Buffalo @ Dallas - The Bills high-flying offense has been grounded the last few weeks. Not sure what the truth is, but this is a pivotal game for both teams (Bills are 5-3 now, Cowboys 4-4). Both need to win to keep pace.
Pick: Dallas

Other Games
Oak @ SD - SD (the Chargers, as usual, keep shooting themselves in the foot. Hopefully, the bleeding ends tonight!)
Denver @ KC - KC
Jack-o @ Indy - Indy (to get a win, no one likes to be winless)
Houston @ Tampa - this is an interesting game, but I think I like Tampa because they are ridiculously hard to predict. Tampa
Tenn @ CAR - CAR
Wash @ Miami - Miami (2 game winning streak!, nice!)
Detroit @ Chicago - Detroit (this is a huge game in the NFC)
Arizona @ Philly - Philly
Balt @ Seattle - Baltimore
New England @ Jets - NE
Minny @ GB - GB

Last Week: 8-5
Season: 77-52
Manwich Matchup: 6-3 (The Bills disappointed me again. Eesh.)
Upset of the Week: 3-6 (The Ravens did it and swept the Steelers).

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