Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 11 - Injuries galore

Well, it's the middle of November, and it suddenly seems like most NFL teams are nursing numerous injuries, as is usually the case.

Manwich Matchup of the Week
Cincy @ Baltimore - Well, the Bengals lost last week to Pitt at home. The Bengals need to win here to keep pace... though they do get a 2nd crack at baltimore the last week of the season.
Pick: Baltimore

Upset of the Week
San Diego @ Chicago - Maybe this is the week the Chargers finally turn it around. I'm blindly suckered in at this point.
Pick: Chicago

Opening Round Playoff Game #11
Teams already eliminated: Tennessee, Indy, Cincy, Minnesota, Arizona, Jacksonville, Miami, Washington, Seattle, Cleveland
Jets @ Denver - The Jets have to win to keep pace. The Broncos... I just don't believe in the option as working at the professional level.

Fantasy Football Game of Interest:
KC @ New England - It's on monday night... and the amount of points the Pats are going to score is surely to keep a number of people on edge.

Other Games
Tenn @ Atl - ATL
Buff @ MIAMI - Buff
Jack-o @ Cleve - Jack-o
Oak @ Minny - Oak
CAR @ Det - Det
TB @ GB - GB
Dallas @ Wash - Dallas
Arizona @ SF - SF
Sea @ STL - Sea
Philly @ Giants - Giants

Last Week: 6-10 (ouch!)
Season: 83-62
Manwich Matchup: 7-3 (The Saints came through in OT)
Upset of the Week: 3-7 (The Bengals couldn't do it)

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