Sunday, November 06, 2011

Week 9 - Lots of good games!

This week has lots of great games... and also lots of bad teams facing each other.

Manwich Matchup of the Week

Jets @ Bills - Wow. The Bills-Jets play each twice this month... and that will go a really long way to determining one of the AFC wildcards. Are the Bills for real? We are about to find out!
Pick: Bills (picking w/ my heart of course)

Upset of the Week
Baltimore @ Pitt - Usually, I'd just go with revenge. But after Polamalu's illegal play last week to end their game against the Pats, where Polamalu INTENTIONALLY batted the ball forward 20 yards, I just have no sympathy for Pitt. Hope Baltimore beats them by 30 again.
Pick: Baltimore

Opening Round Playoff Game #9
Teams already eliminated: Tennessee, Indy, Cincy, Minnesota, Arizona, Jacksonville, Miami, Washington
Seattle @ Dallas - Both teams really need a win... should be an easy way to get Seattle eliminated.
Pick: Dallas

Fantasy Football Game of Interest:
GB @ SD - Hope Rivers gets his head on straight! If GB wins this, their divisional games will be the only chance for them to lose.
Pick: GB

Other Games
Tampa @ NO - NO
ATl @ Indy - ATL
Miami @ KC - KC
SF @ Wash - Wash
Clev @ Hou - Hou
Cincy @ Tenn - Cincy
Denver @ Oakland - Oak
St. Louis @ Ariz - Ariz
Giants @ NE - NE
Chic @ Philly - Phily

Last Week: 8-5
Season: 69-47
Manwich Matchup: 6-2 (I still don't believe in the steelers, despite them beating the Pats. Yes, I'm blinded by hatred)
Upset of the Week: 2-6 (The Cowboys got killed by the Eagles. Oops).

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