Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NBA Playoffs 2010: What we've learned thus far

It's been an interesting run thus far in the NBA Playoffs... let's recap what we've learned:

1) Manu Ginobili looks good wearing a gigantic bandage on his face
Not many people could look good wearing a bizarre bandage on their face. But Manu Ginobili could be starting a fashion trend across the entire globe with this beautiful bandage. It's too bad this isn't European soccer... advertising space on that bandage would fetch quite a lot of euros.

2) The Denver Nuggets are sad / Having your head coach present is important
Yes, the Denver Nuggets coach George Karl is battling cancer. It's treatable, but he missed the playoffs... and the Denver Nuggets laid an egg basically. They lost to Utah in 6 despite having home court and despite Utah not having their starting center or their key forward, Kirilenko. Eesh. But at least it proves that George Karl is important to the team's success!

3) That Mo Williams had never dunked before
Apparently, 6'1" Mo Williams had never dunked in an NBA game before! I find this to be quite amazing... even after having watched Mo play in many games the last two years. The fact that he ended up dunking during Game 1 vs. the Celtics... and against/over/near Pierce, made it even more incredible! Here's a link if you want to watch it... and Mike Brown's hysterical reaction.

4) That Assembling a 2005 All-Star Team in 2010 is Not a Good Idea
Well... that may be taking it a little far, but acquiring Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler, and Brendan Haywood to go along with Dirk and Jason Terry seemed like a great idea, but it was just not a good matchup for the Mavs against the Spurs in the 1st round. The main difference was that last year in the 1st round, Ginobili and Duncan were hampered with injuries and PG Tony Parker had to do everything. Mavs' backup JJ Barea was quick enough to handle this assignment last year. This year? Ginobili and Duncan were healthy... and the Spurs threw out George Hill for additional quickness. The result? JJ Barea was not enough and was pitiful offensively... and none of the other guards (Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Rodrigue Beaubois) were good enough defensively. I really thought Caron Butler and Haywood were amazing additions... but they weren't able to be really utilized in this series where the Spurs relied on the speed of Parker, Hill, and Ginobili to advance.

5) That Getting in a Physical Altercation with Your Superior Will Result in Your Dismissal
Not exactly related to the playoffs, but Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro was apparently involved in a physical altercation with his superior, the Bulls GM. Vinny was fired this past week after just one season. This is why I always refrain from challenging my boss during the Feats of Strength at Festivus each year.


Hitman said...

Vinny was here for two years.

Mighty Mike said...

In fact Vinny made the playoffs both years.. remember Boston Celtics- 7 games series. it was exciting. Boo Gutsy for forgetting...

One of the problems for the Mavs was they kept trying to play Butler at the 2 spot. He is not a shooting guard. That and their insistence on playing Dampier...

Gutsy Goldberg said...

I don't know why I said "just one season." I knew Vinny had coached last season. Sorry about that. I hope the blog hires an intern to check these things for me.

Anyways, the Mavs did try to play Butler at the 2-spot out of desperation. That didn't work. By the end of the series, they had quit playing Dampier. In some of the games they lost, Haywood would be the only player with a positive plus/minus. Buyer's remorse: I would have still liked their chances against the Spurs better if they had PG Devin Harris and C Desagna Diop. Granted, I've never liked the Jason Kidd trade, but I thought I'd mention it again.