Sunday, May 02, 2010

NBA Playoffs: Second Round Predictions

Well it's the second round of the NBA Playoffs (better known as conference semi-finals) So it's time for random predictions that are at best guesses. Remember the winner of the contest receives a free hot dog (and choice of fixings) as well as a medium sized smoothie (up to 3 fruits)

MJ, whose cocky walk and jaunty hat, has inflamed the blue bloods is 7-1 (2 exactly right)

Gutsy, whose off Broadway musical - The Return of Durantula - has received rave reviews, is 6-2 (1 exactly right)

While Mighty, who is trying to perfect a Cockney accent, is 8-0 (4 exactly right)

As such here are my predictions for Round 2

Cleveland v. Boston

I'm already on record - Cavs in 6. Boston will have a few games where Ray Allen and/or Paul Pierce go off. However short of Lebron being too injured to be effective, Boston can't stop him. Lebron has too many weapons if he gets that first step and Boston can't stop that first step.
Cavs in 6

Maybe Ragnarok can stop Lebron
Orlando v. Atlanta
While the focus might be (rightly) on the Hawks inability to stop Dwight Howard the hero of last series for Orlando should probably be the key. Jameer Nelson was the best player for the Magic against Charlotte (averaged 24 points, nearly 4:1 Assist to TO ratio). I'm not sure how Mike Bibby will stop Nelson .

Magic in 5

LA Lakers v. Utah
This might be hardest series to get a hold of as injuries to key players could play a key role. Bynum may or may not play. Kirilinko may or may not play. Most importantly Deron Williams is injured (elbow) and who's to say how his play might be affected (he averaged over 10 assists a game last series). That said Utah simply doesn't have the size to ultimately win out.

Lakers in 6

Jazz Hands - Not Enough

San Antonio v. Phoenix
This is actually the one series I might consider the underdog (Phoenix). They have home court advantage, Duncan is looking older and older, and the outside big man shooting of Phoenix should cause trouble for the lumbering Spurs. But then I remember this is Phoenix - who can't rebound or play defense. Spurs will end Phoenix's season for the 5th time in 9 years.
Spurs in 6

Sexy underbutt searching for way for Suns to win. Not sure why.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) that's amazing that you went 8-0, with 4 exactly right in terms of number of games.
2)i can't believe that San Antonio can end Phoenix's season for the 5th time in 9 years. It will be very strange if the Spurs end up playing all of their rivals (Mavs, Suns, Lakers) out west.

Hitman said...

I can't watch more than 3 minutes of an NBA game without my eyes glazing over, so I won't bother with predictions...just let the record show that the hot dog pictured at the top of the post is a perfectly-prepared Chicago-style hot dog. THAT is the way to eat a hot dog!

Also, the appropriate beverage to accompany said perfect red hot would be pretty much any can of pop [none of this "soda" bullshit], with bonus points for selecting Royal Crown (or "RC" as it is known to locals).

MJ said...

Damn, I had no idea I went 7-1 in the first round. That's better than I could've ever imagined.

Props to Mighty for an 8-0 first round and 4 bullseyes!

Carrying over to the second round, I'm sticking with my still-eligible picks (Cavs over Celts in 5, Magic over Hawks in 6, Lakers over Jazz in 6). Whereas I had the Mavs over the Suns in 6, I will now amend that to Spurs over Suns in 6.

As Gutsy said, it's hard to imagine that the Suns will have to go down once again to the Spurs. I just hope that this time there's no BS ref interference or cheap play by the Spurs. There's next to no way the Suns beat San Antonio but, if they have to go down, I hope they take out Duncan's knee the way those filthy Alamo bastards took out the Suns with vicious elbows and clothesline tackles...

Mighty Mike said...

Like the record denote I had no idea RC Cola was still being made. Consequently, an RC pop can be substituted as a prize in lieu of a smoothie.

Let the record further show while the above picture is indeed perfect, the prize winning is still limited to only 3 fixins for a hot dog. It's still a bad economy people - sacrifices must be made!

I'll never forget Steve Nash's bloody nose or Horry sending Nash sprawling off the court. The two teams can't like each other - that's for sure...

Mighty Mike said...

I used to love RC Cola. Not as much as the vanished Mr. Pibb but still a great deal...

Gutsy Goldberg said...

First, I have the Spurs in the conference finals... other picks (Lakers, Cavs, Magic) are the same of course...

anyways, you can still buy RC Cola! Amazingly, they are owned by a company called "Dr. Pepper Snapple Group." This group also owns 7UP, A&W, and Yoo-Hoo (among others).
If you go to this link, you can find the nearest grocery store with the brand you like.

Mr. Pibb - no longer being made... but Pibb Xtra is being made (by Coca-Cola)... and sold at select WalMart Stores!

Hitman said...

Mr. Pibb doesn't exist anymore? What the hell else do you get with your chicken fingers or mozzarella sticks at Bear's Den?

Mighty Mike said...

I believe Old Wohl/Bear's Den was bulldozed last year - possibly to prevent kids from learning the truth about the wonders of having chicken fingers and Mr.Pibb.

Pibbxtra has cinnamon in it! What sinister force would dilute Mr.Pibb with cinnamon?