Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Yet another reason to hate Rick Reilly


I read about one quarter of this article and decided not only was it too dumb to finish reading, but its stupidity needed to be shared.

Rick Reilly writes people should understand and not judge athletes who have had rough upbringings. Essentially, we should judge Dez Bryant because his mom was a prostitute.
REALLY? We needed Rick Reilly to actually put that into an article? What kind of post-modern crap is that that Rick Reilly needs to tell people that. I think that same article comes from the magazine entitled "No Shit, It's Obvious to Everyone" Weekly.

Someone at ESPN needs to organize an intervention where all the employees continually insult and punch Rick Reilly until he admits he's a no-talent ass-clown and would be better off jumping off a bridge.

This article is even more ridiculous because of the simple fact that an overwhelming majority of NFL and NBA players come from rough upbringings. So, if this is the first time you've realized that all NFL players didn't grow up in gold-plated diapers, you are a moron.

Enough said.
*Note: 82% of the rage is fueled by the fact that the Cavs played like garbage last night, 16% comes from the welling up of anger towards Rick Reilly, and the remaining 2% comes from environmental factors -- specifcally that I haven't seen the sun in Cleveland for 6 months and it scares me

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