Monday, February 07, 2011

MMBSD: Super Bowl Thoughts

Well as always one last Monday Morning Back Seat Driver before we go on vacation. Here's some quick thoughts from the Super Bowl

1. Turnovers were really the difference. The Pick-6 and the momentum changing fumble were huge. It's a very different game without either of those plays let alone both. I realize that's a trite statement but that doesn't change the accouracy of it.

2. That said the Packers left a bunch of plays out on the field. Dropped balls made it much a closer game and frankly seemed to suck the life out of the Packer's 3rd Quarter offense.

3. Aaron Rogers has any many Super Bowl wins as Favre. It just feels good to type that.

4. Black Eyed Peas really sucked.

5. No - I mean really sucked....

6. Favorite commercial --- probably a toss up between the flying pug, the kid dressed as Darth Vader, and the dogs playing poker.

7. Assuming we have football'll be interesting to see where the Packers go from here. It appears (and I could be wrong) that the AFC has had far more stability among its elite than the NFC. Can the Packers stay on top or will the volatility continue? With an elite QB and Dom Capers...signs point to yes...


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) turnovers were key
2) the packers did drop some balls
3) Aaron Rodgers was awesome... as he was all season!
4) Favre is nothing. It's funny... I think Aaron Rodgers following Brett Favre is an amazing following. Is this #2 all-time behind Leroy Kelly following Jim Brown (both made the Hall of fame). I guess time will tell.
5) I really liked the guy who "replied all" and took everyone else out before they received the message
6) It's too hard to make predictions about the future in the NFL... but yes, the Packers should be a contender again so long as the injury bug doesn't bite them. They have great playmakers on both sides of the ball, no doubt. Plus, they have someone named Zombo!

MJ said...

2) The Jordy Nelson drop in the corner of the endzone late in the fourth quarter cost me $1000 because the TD (and ensuing PAT) would've made the score 35-25 and I had 5x5 as one of my boxes in a box pool at work. As such, I hate Jordy Nelson and hope he gets Iranian-style discipline (hands cut off).

3) Yep, it feels great knowing that Favre might have all the passing records but that his replacement is now just as successful in the championship front. If Rodgers should lead the Packers to one or two more titles, it'll really hurt Favre'standing even more.

4) I agree, the Black Eyed Peas were awful.

6) I loved the Darth Vader commercial as well as the one Gutsy is talking about with the "reply all" situation.

6a) Also, as much as I wouldn't drive an American car any longer, I loved the Eminem commercial because it's nice to see someone have a bit of civic pride for a city that's fallen on such hard times.

7) Considering how only the Colts, Steelers and Patriots are annual contenders (and I'm not so sure about the Colts anymore), I'd say that, no, the Packers will suffer the same fate as everyone else. They still have good young players but there's nothing in today's NFL that gives me reason to believe that they'll be able to repeat next year. The Patriots were the last team to repeat and that was six seasons ago at this point.