Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Time

With the weather heating up (well at least here) Spring is starting to feel nearby. Hooray. I won't debate the greatest words in the English language (I maintain it's free chicken finger day) there's no denying that spring makes everyone a little happier....especially for us college basketball...tournament lovers. As hard as it's to believe March Madness is around the corner.

Tournament Tweaks.
CBS/Turner have going to be spacing out the NCAA tournament games. On the one hand no more back to back to back buzzer beaters. On the other hand less regional coverage so that mean's I won't have to suffer through horrible Georgetown basketball while exciting mid-major upset alerts are elsewhere. So all in all I'll give it a tentative thumbs up.

Who's #1?
With tOSU losing at Bucky Badger...the quest for #1 seems to be falling to Kansas. Of course I ask to this who cares? The real question is seeding as is who is in the top 4. Right now Kansas, tOSU, Pittsburgh, Texas and Duke are all in the conversation. Duke probably has the easiest road given the ACC quality but given the recent over-weighting to conference tournament plays I assume nothing will be settled until the end.

Bracket Busters!
One of my favorite weekends of College Basketball is Bracket Buster Weekend (well technically it's 3 days). Basically the best mid-major teams get matched up against one another to try to give a little extra boost to getting into the brackets (possibly as at-larges). My eyes will be on Cleveland State v. Old Dominion but I'd also recommend checking #21 Utah State at St.Mary's.

Other Random
UFC, the premier mixed martial arts league, will garner it's first $10 million gate for its' Toronto event. It's popularity growth is pretty amazing. Vancouver currently is in first place in the NHL. True story. NFL Labor Talks and Francisco Franco....still dead

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

damn blogger, eating my comments...
I'll try again:
1) 4 greatest words are: "chocolate fountain over there"
2) looking forward to the fact that in march, i can watch the end of every game! also looking forward to NOT having to go to the bar to find the game I want to watch.
3) right now, i've got kansas, osu, texas, and pitt as the top 4 seeds. I still hate duke.
4) bracket buster matchups to watch:
1) utah State vs. st. mary's (both ranked this year) - saturday 9PM
2) Cleveland state vs. Old dominion - both need this game - sunday 1PM
3) VCU vs. Wichita St - 2nd and 1st in respective conferences, should be a dandy - friday 7PM