Monday, February 21, 2011

Would A Favorite Please Stand Up?

With only about 2 weeks remaining of regular season basketball, the top spots are in flux. Nobody seems immune to being upset these days. Kansas, tOSU, Pitt, Muburak....all going down when previously they seemed fairly unbeatable. Where does this leave us? Well, in a position in which conference tourney outcomes will probably dictate a good deal of the final outcome. One team hanging on the outside is San Diego State. At the moment there's a number of poll prognasticators putting them in at a 2 seed. Could they move even farther up?

NBA Ratings
While I , and well most of the BSD, have generally tuned out basketball, it appears the rest of the country is tuning in. The NBA tv ratings (most recently the all-star game) have been doing gang busters. Partially, sports ratings in general are up (I'm guessing more people are staying at home due to the economy) but the message that Stern gets is that despite the complaints super teams and douchebag superstars get ratings.

NFL Talks
Continue to meander about, I assume closer to the deadlines things will heat up, although I'm expecting racalcitrant owners to drag this into the summer. And obviously I have no data or facts to back that up.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) the NCAA has been a little crazy in the last week... but I still believe that the five-some (Ohio State, Texas, Pitt, Kansas, and Duke) are the best 5 no matter what. San Diego St can't get a #1 seed unless it beats BYU next week, and wins its conference tourney, and has lots of carnage elsewhere. SDSU has a lack of quality wins still.
2) that's amazing how high the NBA ratings have been... i still believe the drastic changes the owners want (changing the salary cap, changing the player exceptions) will cause the NBA to be locked out and force a shortened season. On the other hand, I foresee the NFL finding a way to get a deal done to avoid any kind of stoppage.