Monday, August 09, 2010

Indy It Is and Other Stories

A little late on the weekend apologies. Anyway a few random stories

Indy Gets the Big 10 Championship....At least for 2011, Indianapolis will host the the first ever Big 10 Championship. My hope is that in the future the Big 10 championship will rotate between Chicago, Detroit, Indy, and Cleveland so as to ensure some cold weather gets to play a role in the ball least until global warming really kicks into high gear.

UCF Locker Room is Where the Fun least if you are the camera. University of Central Florida football team's locker room(which isn't in central florida..discuss) hosted a playmate photoshoot recently. I really have nothing to add other than how did that happen? And why wasn't I invited?

Steriod symptoms Caused by Overtraining... Or something to that effect. Houston's Brian Cushing's defense to testing positive to steriods was...overtraining. Points for creativity....but not much behind that.

HBO Executives...must be doing backflips over Darrel Revis' ongoing holdout. The drama. The clashes. The ratings. Personally I think the story if overblown. Both sides will come to agreement before the season starts and I doubt Revis will be lost out there without a training camp so frankly its much ado about nothing in my eyes.

Did I miss anything?

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Big 10 Championship in Indy should be exciting. A rotating venue would be really exciting too I think. I keep doubting they would play in Chicago or Cleveland due to the weather though... but you never know.
2) UCF... wow
3) I just don't know enough about steroids to know if this "overtraining" theory is even possible.