Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NBA Absurd Four-Way Trade: Instantaneous Analysis

ESPN is reporting an absurd 4-Team trade. The Trade is not yet finalized, but I attempted wrapping my head around the trade over email, and it ended up being so long, I decided it would be best if I just publish my initial thoughts.

I can't believe a trade like this is happening, as it's not a bunch of minor players, and it does not involve the shifting of a bunch of old players (like this insane Patrick Ewing, Glen Rice, Horace Grant, Luc Longley trade in the year 2000).

Here is what I believe is going on as of 3:30PM EST on 8/11/2010:

1) Rockets saves money - they dump out Ariza for C. Lee
This is good, because Kevin Martin needs to be taking more shots than whoever plays the other SF/SG position. Plus, I still really like C. Lee because he's a great defender, as witnessed during his run with Orlando his rookie year. It doesn't get much better than this, especially when I don't think it's a secret that the Rockets were looking to dump Trevor Ariza.
Grade: A

2) Hornets - giving up Collison and Posey for Ariza.
This is dumb. Outrageously dumb. Collison's value is much greater than this and I'm frankly shocked and chagrined that they couldn't do better (or avoid settling for Ariza). The ESPN article hints that Ariza "shows Chris Paul that the Hornets are committed to winning." Um... Ariza's a horribly inefficient player with a long contract. I think it shows a willingness to panic. Yes, Collison is a backup to Paul and acquiring a SG/SF is what the Hornets should do, but not for Ariza.
Grade: D+

3) Pacers - give up Troy Murphy for Collison and Posey.
Amazing. They not only got rid of $11 million in Murphy's expiring, but only took on 2 years of Posey at $7, and got a STARTING PG, and end up saving almost $4 million in payroll?!? Looks like the Pacers did a fantastic job.
Grade: A+

4) Nets - give up Courtney Lee for PF Troy Murphy.
This is actually a situation where the Nets had a plethora of SG/SF (C. Lee, A. Morrow, T. Williams, SF T. Outlaw, and rookie Damion James) but no PF (rookie D. Favors is not ready... K. Humphries?). So, not only does Murphy fill a need, it prevents them from playing Favors too much, plus it adds another 3-point shooter. Suddenly, the Nets have three (3-pt) shooters to surround D. Harris and B. Lopez with in their starting lineup:
PG Devin Harris
SG A. Morrow
C B. Lopez
SF T. Outlaw
PF T. Murphy

The Nets may not play defense (i.e. Morrow, Murphy), but they sure will score a lot this year! They should be very competitive and fun to watch in most games. As also pointed out on, the Nets could also benefit by turning-around and trading Murphy's expiring contract in February.
Grade: A-

Amazingly, I have three teams as doing very well in this trade, and only one team losing. I hope for New Orleans' sake that Trevor Ariza plays better than I expect him to...

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