Saturday, August 07, 2010

Isiah Thomas Gains Position with Knicks

I am just flabbergasted. Isiah Thomas is back with the Knicks, as a consultant to help make "decisions on draft picks, trades, and personnel."

I'm not a Knicks fan, but I'm still scared. I wanted to look back at his transactions, and hoopshype now keeps track of all of the transactions for GMs. Take a look at Isiah's transactions. Obviously, the most infamous transaction while on the Knicks was acquiring Eddy Curry in exchange for Tim Thomas, two 1st round picks, and two 2nd round picks.

Anyways, for those who can't remember, I did a fictional Q&A with Isiah Thomas back in 2005 when he was starting to shape the Knicks into a complete disaster, where I chronicled Isiah's resume since he stopped being a player. I also wrote an article upon his unbelievable hiring as a college coach in 2009. For those who can't remember he has held the following positions:
1) GM of the Raptors - and failed miserably
2) President and Owner of the CBA - and the league folded within 18 months
3) Coach of the Pacers - and fired by Larry Bird
4) Coach and GM of the Knicks - and failed miserably.
5) Coach of FIU since 2009 - TBD in terms of failure

In Isiah's defense, as a talent evaluator, he has been able to select some gems later in the draft (e.g. David Lee, 30th pick; Trevor Ariza , 43rd pick). However, he has also underperformed in terms of selecting (Channing Frye, 8th pick; Renaldo Balkman, 20th pick; Mardy Collins, 29th pick).

One can only hope that the Knicks have brought in Isiah because whatever he chooses to do... the Knicks should do the opposite!

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