Monday, March 07, 2011

Eve of Madness

Ok 1 week to go before the greatest sporting event of the year...March Madness. Hooray. Fortunately or Unfortunately conference tourney's are weighed heavily so it's probably best to wait until Sunday before making grand proclamations on who is seeded what and where they are going (Houston?). I will say given the regular season outcomes Ohio State and Kansas appear to be locks for number 1 seeds. Ohio State will start the Madness in Cleveland...a nice home field advantage.

A few games to watch this week for those thinking about bubbles...Butler v. UW-Milwaukee. Butler is potentially an at-large bid no matter what so those bubblicious schools (MSU, Alabama, V-Tech, etc.) will be praying for a Butler win. A similar type match up is happening in the Colonial league at Old Dominion is tournament bound no matter what so bubble teams are rooting hard against VCU taking a bid.

Random Congratulatory Note
  • Hats off to Jantel Lavendar..of tOSU's women's basketball team. Jantel won Big 10 player of the Year for the fourth straight year this year. That's an impressive feat in any sport....
Recruiting Problems
  • Apparently Oregon is not only USC's heir apparent at winning the Pac-12 but also it's heir apparent for recruiting violations. It turns out Oregon is embroiled in a bit of scandal in which it paid off recruiters to steer players it's way. Congrats have officially hit the big time.
Random Hottie

It's been awhile...but it's a Monday so we all need a little pick me up..As such Nicole Pissari


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) yes... bubble teams should root for Butler and VCU. butler's had an up-and-down season but I'm guessing they are in no matter what now... plus being national runners up last year must add something to their resume.

Hitman said...

Pick me up, indeed. She fills out her brackets quite nicely.