Monday, March 28, 2011

The Most Unlikely Final Four Ever

It's one thing to have one party crasher at the Final Four... it's another to have two party crashers... and it's yet another to have two party crashers along with a 3-seed and a 4-seed!

My favorite things about this year's final four is not just that either VCU or Butler will be playing for the championship... it's that only 2 people out of over 6 million got all four right on ESPN.

Check out some of these other awesome stats:
Less than 7% of brackets actually had these 4 teams winning their first game!

In terms of handicapping the Final Four, I actually predicted the entire Elite Eight incorrectly, so I don't believe that my analysis means much. I tend to believe that VCU's magical 3-point shooting has to end because Butler plays better defense than anyone else. I also tend to believe that the evil Kentucky Wildcats will prevail against UConn and then win the championship because teams I dislike usually win. I actually am starting to believe that Butler has a decent chance to win the whole thing... without last year's NBA pick Gordon Hayward. I'm not a big Hayward fan (he doesn't translate well to the NBA), but last year on Butler, he was a defensive force and bailed them out offensively quite a few times with his rare combination of size and speed. If Butler wins it all this year?!? Coach Brad Stevens is coach of the universe... and the refs from the Pitt game should receive Christmas cards every year!

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