Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet 16 - It's been interesting... for the Big East

The Big East had a rough weekend. It started with, "Oh, look at us! We got 11 bids! We are the best conference ever." It ended with "Ouch. We didn't do too well." 11 entered. 2 survived. Granted, the Big East does have a genuine beef in that 4 teams matched up in the 2nd round (i.e. Cincy vs. UConn and Syracuse vs. Marquette). Granted, Marquette was an 11-seed who wasn't expected to make the 2nd round. Nonetheless, even if those teams were separated into different spots, the Big East still had a disappointing weekend, mainly because 1-seed Pitt lost a nailbiter to 8-Butler, 2-seed Notre Dame got demolished by Florida State, and 4-seed Louisville lost to Morehead State in the 1st round. The best part about my bracket this weekend was my confidence in Notre Dame losing in the 2nd round... but I didn't get any credit for that because I had Texas A&M beating Notre Dame!

Anyways, there really has been a lot of carnage this weekend... but the most interesting thing about next weekend is certainly Ohio State vs. Kentucky and Duke vs. Arizona. All four are perennial powers... and all four have loads of NBA talent. After those two games, the more interesting thing will be who will come out of Pitt's region: Butler, Wisconsin, BYU, or Florida?

1-OSU vs. 4-Kentucky
11-Marquette vs. 2-UNC

1-Duke vs. 5-Arizona
3-UConn vs. 2-SD st

1-Kansas vs. 12-Richmond
11-VCU vs. 10-Florida State

8-Butler vs. 4-Wisconsin
3-BYU vs. 2-Florida

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