Wednesday, March 09, 2011


On the one hand there's a certain sadness that somebody could self-destruct to the point of trying or purporting to try to get back into football. On the other hand, the key word is self-destruct as in he caused his own problems.....


MJ said...

From the guy that brought you "FTB" back in 2007, I reiterate that sentiment.

He's a scoundrel of the lowest order. My hope is that, on his first carry back in the NFL, he gets tackled so hard by [instert dirtiest, hardest-hitting LB name here] that he literally shits his pants and gets carted off the field in a pool of his own mess.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

just for the record, his fall from grace is indeed sad.

i don't think MJ's hopes will come true... because i don't believe tiki can make any of the rosters. he's a 36-year old RB!