Friday, April 02, 2010

Cheers and Jeers: Iron Man 2 Edition

Really this is just an excuse to show up some cool Iron Man 2 pics. Screw you if you don't like Robert Downey Jr kicking ass....

Cheers: To the Final 4. Yes not as many big names but lots of reasons to cheer and watch...Butler being a hometown team , Michigan with Izzo, what type of jump suit will Huggy Bear wear, Duke (whether there's love or hate)

Jeers: To Shaun Rogers getting arrested for having a loaded gun at the airport. Seriously, under what rock are you living if you think you can put a loaded gun in your luggage? I'm just baffled how anyone anywhere would do that. Maybe he just forgot it was in there kinda like I forgot I packed my toothbrush already.

Jeers: To KG whining about Durant getting too many calls. Your team is over the hill and slow...that's why they have to foul. Get over it....

Cheers: I love epic rants. Phil Mushnik has an epic rant on ESPN. Whether or not you agree with him (I do) you have love it for the quality of the rant
"ESPN is the monster that devoured the monster! I'm a sports fan, and when I turn on ESPN, their experts have no greater understanding than a 12-year-old. Everything is a sell. And the hosts become the shopping clerks and cash-register punchers. They want it both ways: They want to be seen as journalists when it suits their purposes, and they want to be seen as bootlickers and entertainers when it suits their purposes. How intelligent do you have to be to understand you're listening to an infomercial?"

Cheers: To our gal Scarlette . Who will be in Iron Man 2. And will be uber hot in Iron Man 2. No further comments are needed....

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) The Shaun Rogers incident is baffling of course. If you believe he "forgot" the gun was in there, doesn't that mean he "forgets" the gun is on him in when he goes to other places(workplace, grocery store, KFC, etc.)
2) I really think the Celtics are not going to survive the 1st round if they play the Bucks
3) Love the ESPN rant! I've actually quit watching sportscenter, and now enjoy "ESPNNews", which is like old-school Sportscenter - just highlights and stories, no one screaming at me why player X is the best in the decade or why conference Q is the best conference.