Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Odds and Ends

Well by in large either the sports world is wrapping up (NBA), gearing up (NFL draft), or simply starting up (MLB). So with enough odds and ends here's a few pot pourri thoughts

1) Rest v. Rust
While the debate about resting players rightfully is a bigger deal in the NFL, the NBA has had it's own different approaches. While the Lakers and the Cavs have rested star players in the week (Lakers with Kobe Cavs with Lebron, Mo, Jamison, certain cheerleaders) leading up to the playoffs the Magic have been starters full time. I'm not willing to venture a hypothesis that what you do in the last 2 weeks of the season really affects how a conference (or NBA) Finals will go but its entirely possible that their might be some rust for the resters....

2) Eyes are on #5
The NFL Draft seems largely predictable until the 5th spot (Kansas City). St.Louis will take Bradford, Lions/Bucs will take Suh/McCoy, and the Redskins will take a left tackle (Okung) to keep their newly acquired QB in one piece. However that leaves the Chiefs and Belicheknek Scott Pioli as the big question mark. Do they go offensive line? Safety (Berry)? OLB? Dez Bryant? Trade down? Those that are wondering where the draft might go crazy , should be thinking about what the Chiefs will do.

3) Lefty Wins #3
Phil Mickelson won an exciting and close Master's over the weekend. While I'm sure most people tuned in to see if Woods would have sex with anyone (he didn't) I enjoyed Lefty's back to back eagles on Saturday. Turns out the tournament was won there (well theoretically at least). With his third Master's I think its fair to start thinking about where Mickelson will rank among golf's greats.

4) History Corrected
While most baseball afficiandos know the story of Ray Chapman, the Indian player who was killed by a beanball, less well known is the story of Charles Pinkney. Pinkney, a promising minor league baseball player was also killed during a baseball game approximately 100 years ago. Unfortunately he seems to be slipped through history's cracks. This past weekend a dedication ceremony for a new headstone was held to honor Pinkney. I recommend reading this short but fascinating article on Pinkney and the recent correction to history's oversight.

5) Mission Accomplished

I'm usually not a sucker for advertising but Jennifer Nicole Lee recently endorsed MMA fighting. I will now follow it. Can you really say no to her?


MJ said...

Lefty Mickelson's place in golf history is secure as a notable peer of Tiger Woods's but certainly not as an all-time great. I'd say he's this generation's version of Nick Faldo in that he was a great player for his time but not an elite member of golf's upper class.

Hagen, Palmer, Player, Nelson, Nicklaus, Woods, Watson, Jones and Sarazen are my all-time greats and all won at least 7 Majors. Phil would have to win 3 more Major championships in the next five or so years in order to climb into the elite group and chances are he won't win that many.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) what's funny about rest vs. rust is how going into last year's playoffs, rashard lewis and turkoglu hadn't been playing due to various injuries. this year? the magic are going full tilt and playing everyone. in the nba, i don't think it matters that much, because it's not a one-and-done situation (a la NFL or the NCAA). so... even if you are cold, there's enough time to get back into shape in my opinion.
2) the endorser for MMA has a real problem with her dryer. it clearly shrunk her shirt a lot. her "problem" is really benefiting the rest of the nation though.

Publius said...

I really enjoyed watching Phil play the last 2 rounds. His tactics on the back 9 put huge pressure on the opposition and his par save on 17 was clutch. Congrats to Phil.

In other news, Steelers trade Holmes to the Jets for a 5th rounder. Wow. That is a bargain.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

The Jets really did get a steal. He's only playing 12 games this year (due to suspension), but still, it's such a bargain!