Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Day I Watched Women's Basketball

I decided I should put on the Baylor vs. UConn basketball game, which is part of the women's final four. Why? Because 4-seeded Baylor has a freshman who's 6'8" who blocks everyone's shots, and can dunk. Supposedly, from an article I read, her presence is like Wilt Chamberlain's arrival in college... there is no peer for her size, so it's not even fair. I thought it would be interesting to watch this very tall girl take on the undefeated, unstoppable UConn.

1) The start of the game was one of the strangest things I've ever seen. ESPN filmed each of the 10 starters. Each starter came on the screen introduced themselves, while wearing feminine clothing, and explained something they like to do... like "going shopping." Then ESPN put in special affects, and the girl would suddenly be in uniform, and the girl would also say something like "... and I also like to clean up the glass!" Honestly, is ESPN confused as to the target audience? Or is there some strange belief that they have to repeatedly tell us that these women aren't ugly tomboys? Honestly, I'd rather hear stories about how they go to the local gym, play pickup basketball, and destroy any group of guys that challenge them. Or perhaps more realistically, I'd rather hear each girl talk about their favorite play from the year, i.e. popping a 3 in some girl's face, making a steal, or if you are Brittney Griner explaining how you can dunk whenever you want.

2) I wish someone would have mentioned that UConn just happens to have... the SECOND-best center in the NCAA! She's a 6'4" senior, averages 18.3ppg, 9.4 rebounds, and shoots 63% from the floor. Mid-way though the first half, it seems like the UConn center is quite capable of slowing Griner down. The UConn center is much stronger and more athletic than Griner. It was surprising for me based on the articles I had read... because Griner was not able to impose her will on the game. In addition, it was really surprising how Griner was very tired from playing all the minutes and how she was not that aggressive. It really was not the earth-shattering performance I was hoping to see!

3) Well, I got distracted and then I missed most of the 2nd half of the Baylor game. Oh well. Not surprisingly, the well-oiled machine that is the UConn Huskies ended up blowing out Baylor after Baylor had cut the lead to three at one point.

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