Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Know a Conference: The ACC

With the SEC Pressapalooza beginning it's officially time to start the college football preview season. Kicking it off here at the BSD is the ACC. Is the normal difficulty of predicting the ACC still in's harder this year. In fact due to a number of bizarre circumstances prognosticating should be especially difficult this year for the ACC.

  • Clemson's starting QB (Kyle Parker the first college player to throw 20 TDs and hit 20 HRs in the same year) will decide soon if he stay or leave to be with the Colorado Rockies' organization (he was drafted in the first round recently). Behind Parker is redshirt freshman Taj Boyd. So if Parker follows baseball Clemson could be SOL as the bulk of their offense left last year when CJ Spiller went Pro.
  • Florida State For the first time since sabretooth tigers were legal defenders Bobby Bowden will not be absently minded wandering the sidelines. Will FSU be any different with a non-senile coach? While in theory FSU has consistently recruited top 10 classes outside of QB Ponder, FSU lacks play makers.
  • UNC - UNC boasted last year the #4 defense in the country and theoretically has 5 starters on defense that are first round material. However 13 starters on UNC are being investigated by the NCAA for improper ties to a sports agent and might be ruled ineligible. Typically losing over half your starters is non-conducive to winning. Outside of the NCAA investigation UNC had a morbid offense with no signs this year of improving.
  • Boston College - Their best player in 2008-2009, Mark Herzlich, will be trying to come back from BONE CANCER in his leg.
  • Miami, FL - Starting QB Jacory Harris threw a league leading 17 INTs last year before, tore ligaments in his thumb, and 8 odd months later is still rehabbing (i.e., hasn't practiced). That's not good for the Hurricanes non-existent fan base.
  • Georgia Tech - Al Groh, of Al Groh White Walls Inc. , will be their new defensive coordinator.
  • Wake Forest - Has not been seen or heard from since 2009. It's unclear if their football team still exists.
While the Atlantic Division is loaded by process of elimination, uncertainty and historical guessing I'm picking Virginia Tech to overcome the harder schedule to win the conference. Tyrod Taylor returns after being 10th in the nation in passing efficiency last year. All the key running backs and receivers (including Darren Evans) are also back. While V-Tech struggled against the run, a rebuilt defensive line only needs to improve slightly to give V-Tech's defense the backbone it needs to be adequate.

Mighty's ACC Picks

Coastal Division
1. BC - When's the last time FSU actually won anything? BC has consistently fielded winners, while there's nothing flashy about this time, there are no major holes.
2. Clemson - Baseball will probably not lure away Clemson's QB (as of yesterday Parker claimed he was going to stay) says Mighty's Magic Eight Ball. Still Clemson lost its top 3 receivers and top rusher so here's predicting they take a step back.
2. FSU - Outside of Ponder there really is nothing to write or note about FSU4. NC State
5. Wake Forest (if it can be found)

Atlantic Division
1. Virginia Tech (Conference Champ) - V-Tech has a monumental game against Boise State. A win could position it for a national championship run.
2. Miami - A tough schedule even outside of the Atlantic Division(@OSU, @Pitt, FSU, Clemson). It's unclear if Harris can reduce his INTs. This is as talented a squad as has been in Miami in a long time and if V-Tech slips I expect Miami to be ACC champion.
3. Georgia Tech - Only Florida lost too more talent early to the draft last year. G-Tech doesn't reload like Florida so a step back for last year's ACC Champ.
4. UNC - Sounds like the NCAA investigation is picking up steam. If the hammer falls UNC won't be able to overcome as their offense sucks.
5. Duke
6. Virginia

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

Very informative... didn't know about this kid from Clemson QB. Happened to see a feature article on yahoo today about the kid... I would have told him to just take the money playing baseball. I hope he has an insurance policy for this year's football season!