Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Colonel's Back!!!!/So are the Redlegs

Back from the front lines of dealing with kids texting in class which was a worse nuisance than the tiger traps in the bush, I feel like writing a blog entry.

Finally the youth of the Cincinnati Redlegs are making a run at possibly making the playoffs for the first time since Davey Johnson brought them to the NLCS in 1995.

Johnny Gomes, Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto, The Thirteenth Earl of Jay Bruce, the return of Edinson Volquez, Mike Leake and Travis Wood all probably combine for about 3.5 million dollars total but they have totally transformed this team around to being a offensive juggernaut. With the return of Volquez who is pitching faster after his Tommy John surgery, they have two pitchers in Cueto and Volquez that can keep them going through October.

Lets not forget that Joey Votto is having an MVP year, that could be the first time a 1B not named Pujols has won it for the past couple of years. Right now, the man from the Great White North is ranked first in SLG (.580), 3rd in BB (with 20 less IBBs than Pujols), 1st in HR (23), 1st in OPS (.995) and 1st in OBP (.415). This makes him a definite candidate for the MVP. My guess is the 1B who takes his team to the NL Central title will be the one that wins the MVP in the NL.

We can't forget the unbelievable turnaround of the 40 year old set up man in Cincy, Arthur Rhodes. He has found the fountain of youth and has a 1.46 ERA with a 0.92 WHIP this year and 16 holds. Plus there is this guy named Chapman who last I heard threw a 102 MPH fastball that is playing for the Louisville Bats that might help join the bullpen. (My hope is that they keep him in AAA and use him as starter next year)

Of course a main question for the Reds is whether the young arms will fall off. The Reds do have Dusty Baker as their manager. But with the easiest schedule in all of the Major League over the next couple of months, it looks like the Reds will be a contender come October. Too bad I didn't use Mighty's money when I was in Vegas and beat on them to win.


MJ said...

My best guess is that if the Reds lose Scott Rolen for any extended period of time, they won't make the playoffs. If Rolen can get healthy and play the last month of the season, the Reds should win 90 games and sneak into the wild card.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

welcome back colonel! At least one beisbol team in ohio is doing well at least!