Monday, July 05, 2010

Holiday Odds and Ends

As the sports world takes a breather from the past week of overload here's a few stories that might have slipped through the cracks

Georgia's AD Resigns - Georgia's Athletic Director was forced to resign after he was caught driving while drunk, with a young woman who wasn't his wife (who was equally intoxicated), and had said woman's underwear in his lap. So umm he's gone. Anyway this could be significant as embattled coach Mark Richt will have a new boss - which increases the likelihood of firing. Georgia is the fourth most fertile recruiting state.

Hot Dog Theatrics - In a sad turn events, the hot dog eating contest had controversy. Former champion Kobayashi was arrested when he tried to break into the hot dog eating contest. Albeit there are reports that it might have been staged. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Europe Rebounds - Before the single elimination portion of the World Cup the talk was how Europe had declined/was disappointing. However the semis are Europe's playground this time around with the Dutch, Spain, and Germany all representing the Old World and only ex-champ Uruguay representing the Developing World. I'm picking the Netherlands and Germany to go on to the final.

Signings and Strikes I'm not the only one that sees the free agent frenzy coupled with NBA owners claims of poverty to be incongruous. While I'm doubtful public perceptions or this year's free agency will ultimately play that big of a roll in next year's CBA, it's hard not to think this time next year while the owners prepare a lockout how accurate their claims are.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) that georgia AD story is crazy. just crazy. How many other wild nights did he have where he was NOT caught drinking and driving?
2) I think the Kobayashi thing is a way for competitive eating to have their own WWF vs. WCW. Factions are involved, money is involved, and Kobayashi just wanted to defend his honor... but he wasn't contractually allowed to compeat.
3) Europe kicked butt in the quarters! While props do have to be given to South America for getting all 5 to the knockouts, and 4 to the quarters, in the end, their victories were all over lesser regarded foes (Uruguay over South Korea, Argentina over Mexico, Brazil over Chile, Paraguay over Japan). Unfortunately, South America didn't get any extraordinary victories in the knockout stage. So... Europe is still best. Even with Italy, France, and England in disarray.
4) Yes, the NBA owners have a lot of money. Next summer will be a long, bitter fight, let's just hope it doesn't knockout the entire season.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

why does blogger keep eating my comments?

1) how many other times was the Georgia AD partying but we just did not catch him?
2) competitive eating is now like 1980s-1990s wrestling. there are multiple factions (i.e. WWF vs. WCW). Kobayashi was with a different group, and though contractually he could not compete, he still wanted to defend his honor... so he tried to get on stage.
3) Everyone had talked about South American domination. While it is quite an achievement that all 5 made the knockout stage, and that 4 of 5 made the quarters, the South Americans did not get any big victories... they just did what they were supposed to... Uruguay beat South Korea, Brazil beat Chile, Argentina beat Mexico, and Paraguay beat Japan. Europe is still the best, even with Italy, France, and England in disarray.
4) it's going to be a long, bitter fight next summer. i think the owners lost a lot of their arguments after this summer.