Monday, May 26, 2008

Corrections: Indians at Rockbottom

Another week, another batch of corrections from the BSD

On Tuesday we noted that 1001001 was the Indians run totals in the last week. Instead the numerals were binary code for designing a tic-tac-toe game. The Cleveland Indians output was 100201 and the final game they simply surrendered.

Travis Hafner, pictured above, following an at bat

It was incorrectly noted that Charlie Weis was a Chip N Dales Dancer. Apparently Weis lost in a dance-off to Lou Holtz. After all photos don’t lie.

It was incorrectly noted that Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo, was easy. It should have read Nereida Gallardo is very easy and likes to party

While it correctly was noted that I went to see Indiana Jones instead of watching tennis, I was incorrect in doing so. The movie sucked and I missed out on watching Ashley Harleroad, who will soon be in Playboy. As an important figure in the media I should better study her capabilities and assets.

Will be in MJ's library soon...

It was incorrectly noted that Kobe Bryant never did anything good off the basketball court. He in fact jumped over a pool of snakes to dunk a basketball with the JackAss crew. Which is in fact Awesome.

It was correctly noted that the editors made a terrible awful mistake in not ordering a subscription to the Italian GQ. This had been since corrected....

La Dolce Vita

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