Friday, May 23, 2008

NFL Preview Quickie: NFC East

I know its not even June and you're thinking football. Short answer , yes. Longer answer I could care less about the NBA Playoffs, the Indians couldn't hit a crack whore and politics is fundamentally on pause till August (at least in any positive way). So I'll be running weekly quickies on the division. Which according to my math should take about 13 weeks with inflation being what it is. So here's as of 5/23 my Power Ranking and Phrases for the NFC East.

1. Dallas - "Knife's Edge" - Dallas has gone into the playoffs two years running with high expectations and gone over like Tony Kornheiser at a blogger convention...not too well. Rather than re-thinking their strategy Jones added even more fuel with combustable PacMan Jones, a couch on the hot seat, TO not being tranquillized and trade rumors. It will take only a push to turn the Cowbitches into the Bengals.

2. G-Men "Who are You?" The Giants last year will go down as mystery killers ending the Patriots romp into ESPN's Hall o'Fame. A team locked in mediocrity flipped a switch and at least during the playoff team played well elite (even Eli). But the question is was that a fluke? IF, and its a big IF, they play like the end of the year this a NFC favorite. Otherwise they are candidates to causing MJ's 3rd coronary.

3. Philly "The End is Near" Donovan Mcnabb's stay in Philly is quickly coming to an end. He knows it, Reid knows it, the fans know, that drunk hobo on your street corner knows it. How can that not impact things? But in what direction? Yes Philly loaded up on their secondary but it was their lines that was suspect last year.

4. Washington "Hmmm" New coach? Check. Uncertain young offensive weapons? Check. Young QB coming back from platella being on backwards? Check. Aging running back? Check. I have no clue what to make out these guys outside of they're somewhere between 6-10 and 10-6. Like most of the NFL....

so what's your list and big questions....

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