Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Corrections Week O' 5/16

As always your week in corrections.....

It was incorrectly reported that Terrel Owens won an Oscar for his portrayal of Othello.TO had a cameo in a direct to the internet porno, which apparently is very different than Shakespeare.

On May 12th it was reported that KG transformed into a werewolf and devoured Paul Pierce. KG in fact devoured Ray Allen.

On May 14th it was reported that brain dead Zombies, after destroying New York, had turned their attention to the remains of New Orleans. The Zombies were in fact the San Antonio Spurs and the city was Phoenix. We apologize for that error.

On May 12th we reported that John McCain was younger than the State of Alaska. This is in fact untrue. McCain while older than Alaska is in fact younger than Georgia.

We reported that the Michigan Football Program was closed next year due to renovations. In actuality it the Michigan Football Stadium that is closed for renovations and only for the summer. We apologize for the confusion.

On May 10th we reported that Ali Larter did something. We are unsure what we said as we were starring at her while writing the report. Frankly it was unimportant what Ali Larter did. We apologize for taking up space instead of showing more of Ali Larter.

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