Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Corrections: Nick Saban Not Charles Taylor

More Corrections (or the weekly spot where the BSD fesses up to incorrect articles published earlier in the week)

We incorrectly noted that a witness was quoted as saying "I never saw Nick Saban eat human flesh or order his soldiers to do so". The witness, Moses Blah, evidently was referring to Liberian Warlord Charles Taylor not Nick Saban. While we were incorrect, the witness did not dismiss the possibility of Nick Saban participating in cannibalism, hence the source of the confusion.

Not on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity , yet

In the corrections section last week we noted the possibility that the Living Dead, formerly known as the San Antonio Spurs, could be killed by a wooden stake through the heart. Apparently that only kills vampires and Joan Rivers. The only way to kill the Spurs is via Decapitation.
Stakes.... ineffective against Tim Duncan

Earlier we said Techmo Bowl was the greatest Football video game ever. After watching Randy Moss do the Soulja Boy dance after a touchdown we can honestly say Madden 2009 will be the greatest video games ever.

CNNSI reported that Philly is the most suffering Sports City since they have had the longest wait of any city with 4 sports team. This is incorrect. This is not only incorrect but patently false. Nobody suffers more than a Cleveland Fan. And maybe people that race camels through the Sahara with hemroids. Why the fuck should 4 sports matter? Is hockey even a real sport? Hey why not semi-pro badminton? You suck CNNSI.

Sidney Crosby (picture on left) apparently considered professional

It was incorrectly noted supermodel Bar Rafaeli would only date a man after he beat her in a one on one Judo match. This is incorrect. The Israeli Army trained Supermodel will also take on any comers in Karate, Aikido or Brazillian Drunken Boxing. She has yet to be defeated.

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