Monday, June 23, 2008

Baseball Quickies

1. Straight from the No Shit Sherlock department: Nomar Garciaparra apparently has a genetic predisposition to slow recovery time. Um, ya think? Nomar can’t stay healthy to save his life and every single time he’s hurt it seems like he misses months at a time. This guy is beyond old news. If Nomar were a racehorse, he’d already be in the glue factory by now.

2. If Major League Baseball is a $6 billion dollar industry, why can’t it get its act together to pay the Oakland A’s for their trip to Japan? What’s taking so long? Players don’t trust management for a laundry list of reasons already. Not getting paid for services that took place three months ago is unacceptable. Imagine if MLB had an unpaid receivable that was three month olds. Imagine how quickly MLB’s bean counters and lawyers would be chasing down the deadbeat that was stiffing them. This is just one more thing that makes Bud Selig look unprofessional and sleazy.

3. Met dysfunction is apparently on full display now that team owner Fred Wilpon has thrown GM Omar Minaya under the bus. When the owner makes the GM look like a liar (and a heartless one, at that), you know the GM is now officially on the hook. If the Mets don’t make the playoffs, count on Minaya being slowly roasted on the media rotisserie before he’s finally carved up and served to a restive and blood-thirsty fanbase.

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