Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday /Father DayThoughts

Well a long week, month, quarter of work has finally wrapped up which despite that stress and lack of sleep have taken their toll a few Sunday thoughts on the world of Sports is appropriate.

Baseball: Well the number of error calls on home runs has finally caught up to baseball so they're rushing to roll out some sort of instant replay. Given that its baseball I'm sure it'll some sort of half-baked idea that will only lengthen the time and not improve the accuracy but hey its at least a step in the right direction. And slightly better than the NBA's proposed rule that David Stern watches the video and then arbitrarily gives a thumbs up or thumbs down.

College Football:

Its fairly crazy to think about the Fall but its coming up quickly. All of the big programs are signing soon to be seniors feverishly and expectations on the 08-09 season are rapidly coming into view. A quick scan of the internet tubes has OSU #1 in the Big 10 (again) with Wisconsin and Penn State as the other major challengers. Must exciting of all Trev Alberts is back on tv as he was seen crushing a small city on Fox Sports.

I'm never entirely sure how to think about overcoming injuries in golf to win but surely Tiger's performance if he can hold on to win the US Open after just coming back from new surgery has to rank as one of his all-time best performances. Just saying...

Anyway happy father's day to all you dads, possible dads and people with dads....

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