Sunday, June 08, 2008

Corrections 6/8

Another week another set of corrections.....

Unfortuantely we have to repeat the Guardian apology over the Mailer-Vidal Fight. In fact Gore Vidal was once head-butted by Norman Mailer, not the other way round."Norman Mailer did in fact respond with a scissor kick but this was only after the head butt provocation.

A Tuesday Post mis-atributed the cat-fight over writing requirements and pay to a bunch of teenage girls. The cat-fight over writing requirements and pay was actually a public fight between Bill Simmons and Rick Reilly

On Wednesday we mistakenly noted this photo provided evidence that MJ and his friends were sacrificing humans as a way of stopping Boston's hegemony over the sports world. Given inflation MJ and his friends could only afford to sacrifice a Wendy's Hamburger.

On Thursday we noted that this man was President of Kraft Foods and was discussing their new line of Jello. Apparently he's just some old crotchety guy that wandered onto the stage before the President of Kraft could talk.

On Friday we incorrectly noted that the new M. Night Shyamalan movie was about Les Miles, the world's biggest penis. Apparently the movie leaves it up to the viewers whether Miles is a bigger penis that Phil Fulmore, Urban Meyer, or Nick Saban.

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