Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Thought Tuesday

Just a few random thoughts before a little analysis of the NBA Draft breaks out on Thursday

1) A little grossed out but I respect Steven Jackson's commitment to his sport. Not the path I'd choose tho....

2) Its that time of the year where the great trade 'o machine for baseball really revs up. Outside of CC I could really care less on who is traded but a more interesting question to me is if the trade volume will be larger than last year (i.e. lot of trades, interesting trades or mainly nothing?)

3) After long discussions and introspection I've decided it might not even be worth predicting the NFC this year. Wildcards? Really? You want to make guesses on Wildcards? If I had to guess its going to be status quo save for the return of the Saints. Come August I imagine I'll totally ignore what I say here but thats the beauty of blogging (or being President) is that you never have to say you are wrong

4) Umm how dead is the sports world if Don Imus and a rapping Shaq are the top items of discussion? Seriously.....

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