Thursday, June 19, 2008

Corrections 6/19

It was tough to find corrections but our Ombudsman here at BSD still found a few....

We incorrectly noted that the picture below was in fact Omar Minaya. It was actually Matt Millen. We apologize for the confusion.

We incorrectly noted that Boston fans celebrated their Championship by dressing up as Native Americans and destroying an incoming shipment of East Indian Tea. Apparently that was something else. Boston fans in actuality destroyed a potted flower.

It was incorrectly noted that USC was thwarting Cal's bid to become a super power in Pac 10 football. In fact USC and hippies are blocking Cal's bid to become a super power. Apparantly dirty smelly hippies (which is a very different thing than dirty fucking hippies who have a powerful political machine) are blocking construction of Cal's new training facility.

It was incorrectly noted that of the literally 200 offers Ron Zook and the Fighting Alumni have made nearly 10 football players accepted that offer. The exact figure is 3 acceptances.

It was incorrectly noted that Sara Santos was found leaving the apartment of Mighty Mike with a big grin on Wednesday night. The above sentence was exactly correct except apartment of Mighty Mike should read Coldstone Creamery

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