Monday, June 09, 2008

Cedric Benson Drinks; Chicago Bears Suck

I just couldn’t be happier about this. Why am I happy? Because I can’t stand idiots like Benson who make the same mistake twice in two months but then have the gall to say something like “I’m not guilty.” Drunk driving is not something that requires a CSI team. You’re either over the legal limit or you’re not.

When you consider that the Bears have exactly zero NFL quarterbacks or wide receivers on their roster, and now are down their starting running back, one wonders if they’ll be able to score even 14 points a game on offense. I’m being serious here: the Bears have a chance to be the worst team in the NFL on offense next year. The question now becomes, will they just stink on offense or will they be historically bad? At least the Lions are there to give the Bears a soft landing into third place.

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