Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Across The Pond

Not that I’m rooting for the Cavs to lose Lebron (although I’d be ecstatic if he chose to throw sanity aside and join the worst franchise in the NBA here in my hometown) but the mere possibility of him leaving the NBA for Europe is pretty exciting. Unlikely as it may be, I’d be thrilled if an All-Star level player spurned David Stern’s bullshit league for opportunities abroad. It would be a much-needed poke in the eye of a league and a commissioner that have grown arrogant and out of touch.

So, to reiterate, the best thing for the NBA is that Lebron James stays at home in Ohio and keeps the Cavs relevant. But if he wants to leave – and he doesn’t want to play for the Knicks – then he should consider playing for Olympiakos and hanging with my relatives in Athens.

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