Sunday, August 10, 2008

NFL Preview Part II: NFC Fallers

As sure as teams go up they inevitably go down. Certainly while its unknown which of the playoff teams won't make the playoffs some of them won't. So who will it be? Well last year I sure blew it on New Orleans so take everything with a grain of salt but in order of most to least likely to miss the playoffs

1. Tampa Bay - How long can ride the Jeff Garcia train? Yes they have solid lines but uncertainty at the running back position, aging star receiver and Jeff Garcia. Add in my prediction of a resurgent New Orleans and Tampa is my top selection for missing the playoffs.

2. New York Giants - The past few years the losing team of the Super Bowl failed to make the playoffs the following year. Why? Well I have a theory that the losing team strung together improbable successes, played over their head, had off-season issues and the following year everyone gunned for them resulting in a crash and burn. It applies to one of the Super Bowl teams and I'll give you two guesses who it is?

3. Green Bay - On the plus side going for them they're playing in the NFC North. On the minus side your relying on Aaron Rodgers. Yes he's been in the league for awhile now but crazy expectations are on a first time starter. Add in a depleted d-line and the Packers could be for a world of hurt.

4. Washington - Washington is an enigma wrapped a puzzle with queso sauce on it. Which means I don't have a clue what to make of them. They have a solid defense and a solid offense. Now the question surround Jason Campbell and head coach Zorn (who requires all players to finish practice by yelling "Kneel Before Zorn!" ) They are dark horse Super Bowl entry and a possible 8-8 miss the playoffs team.

5. Seattle - Honestly nothing Seattle has or does gives me confidence that its a good team. An aging team. A coach waiting to retire. And yet who else can win the NFC West. When your relying on Arizona to take the crown well you know your reaching.

6. Dallas - Dallas seems to be the de facto favorite to win the NFC. Too much talent on paper not to. And yet every single intangible seems to against Dallas. The only organization with more employees that were indicted might be the White House. A coach who's a place holder. An insane owner that could go a murder spree. Oh and choking in the playoffs the past two years. The talent on paper should be enough to make the playoffs but if not well that'll be one delicious non-stop Cowboy bitch fest.

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