Thursday, August 07, 2008

Even My Grandma Does Not Like Favre

The following is a completely true account of a telephone conversation with my Grandma, as she and my Grandpa had the TV on and were watching the Cleveland Browns-NY Jets game, which Brett Favre was watching since he is now a member of the NY Jets.

Grandma: Who is this Favre (pronounced Favor) guy?
Gutsy: What?!?
Grandma: Brett Favre (pronounced Favor). Who is this guy?
Gutsy: Oh, you mean Brett Favre. He was Green Bay's QB for about SIXTEEN YEARS, won a Super Bowl once, finally retired last season, but now he wanted to come back. But his starting spot was gone, so he then demanded a trade.
Grandma: SIXTEEN YEARS??? How old is this guy?
Gutsy: I think he's 39.
Grandma: 39! Who would want him to be their QB? That's too old!

The moral of the story: even my Grandma is skeptical of Brett Favor! And she didn't even know who he was until today!

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