Wednesday, August 13, 2008

College Football: A New Season and New Questions

Well its a new college football season and while its nearly impossible to follow everything here's a few storylines I came up with to follow

1) Top Team v. Schedule From Hell - Georgia has possibly the hardest schedule I've seen for a top ranked team, can they survive the gauntlet? The world's biggest Cocktail Party between Florida and Georgia could decide a trip to the BCS Championship Game

2) New Faces in New Places - The odd couple of sleezy Neuheisel and standup Chow in UCLA, RichRod in West Fucking Virginia North, Houston Nutt at U of Missippi,

3) Building on Success - Arizona State, Pitt, Clemson, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas all made huge strides last season. Can they break into the big boy land?

4) Year 2 - Year 2s have been good for coaches this decade...will it be good for king of douchebags Nick Saban

5) Last Stands - Its odd that in different ways Ty Willingham and Charlie Weis in many ways have their backs to the walls. Repeats of last year and well at least one won't survive.

6) Terrell Pryor and Tim Tebow- Come on. You know you're curious if they can live up to the hype

7) Hegemon in Decline? USC lost a number of games it shouldn't have (umm Stanford anyone) and were beginning to exhibit classic symptoms of hegemon in decline. However USC continues to win the big games by big margins against any and all not named Vince Young. So what about this year? Is this the year like the U at the start of the decade that the program crashes or will its unparalleled recruiting success let it continue on...

8) The Great Conference Debate- The SEC is ascendant and the Big 10 is despondent. Conventional wisdom in the land of subjective polling is king. Will anything change the meme?

What else do we have out there?

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