Thursday, September 16, 2010

College Football Trend Watching : Week 2

Well Week 2 has passed moving on to Week 3. Here at CFTW (sounds catchy, no?) we're introducing a new format for those that don't follow college football with tons of intensity. So here we go

What You Know (A Summary of the Previous Week)
OU got back on track, Shoelaces Robinson is putting up Heismanesque numbers, the ACC sucks, Oregon has scored 120 points in 120 minutes of football, James Madison crushed Boise' BCS Championship Hopes (oddly)

What You Might Have Missed (Under the Radar Stories)

  • T-Magic, T-Mobile, T-Something. Nebraska's multi-named freshman QB is putting on a Denard Robinson-lite show for the Huskers and finally giving them offense to go with their amazing defense.
  • South Carolina's freshman RB (Lattimore) roughed up Georgia's D for 32 rushes and 187 yards. With the Gamecocks stiffling d, decent Qbing, the freshman gives South Carolina (for the first time) a gamechanger. That's short hand for South Carolina is probably the only SEC school that can challenge Florida for #2 in the conference
  • Iowa has a running game . 2 different runners (Hamption and Robinson) have rushed for over 125 yards in each of Iowa's 2 games.

Looking Ahead (Games of the Week)
This week in big games can be summarized as the Pac 10 versus the Once and Future Big 10. 4 games between the Pac 10 and teams that will be in the Big 10 next year. The key is Iowa @ Arizona as both have Conference Title aspirations

Nebraska @ Washington
Wisconsin @ Arizona State
Minnesota @ USC
Iowa @ Arizona

Prediction Time 9/16

BCS Championship: Alabama v. Oklahoma
Orange Bowl : Miami v. Iowa
Sugar Bowl: Florida v. TCU
Fiesta: West Virginia v. Nebraska
Rose Bowl: Oregon v. Ohio State


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) good note about nebraska. didn't know about that.
2) how come boise state isn't in your bcs projections? is it because you expect TCU to pass them by? i'm just curious what your opinion is.
3) the pac10-big10 challenge looks pretty interesting (outside of minnesota-usc).

Hitman said...

Agreed with Gutsy re #2 above...I get that VaTech's loss to JMU may well keep my beloved Broncos out of the title game, but out of the BCS entirely?

Mighty Mike said...

Yes I have TCU passing Boise. TCU has a tougher SOS (specifically a high profile Utah game) and therefore I'm predicting them to pass Boise in the rankings and getting the automatic bid.

I'm having a hard time deciding tho on if a undefeated Boise would be more attractive than a 1 loss Nebraska/Iowa for the other BCS spots. I'm very torn and can see both sides of the argument. If either of those teams have more than 1 loss absolutely Boise gets in..but if it's just 1 I have to guess against Boise. As of now I'm guessing only 1 loss for each of those teams...

I will say if a Big 10/Pac 10 team gets to the Championship Game I'd expect Boise in the BCS (the Rose Bowl is required to select a non-BCS school to fill the vacancy