Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Better Know College Football 2010: Predictions

Once again we reached the start of the College Football season . Once again I again venture into the land of crappy predictions (see last year) I figure any idiot can randomly throw out stuff and at least today ...I'm that idiot. So without further ado.....

1) A Race
As opposed to last year, I think this year will be highly competitive race for the BCS Championship Game. I'm expecting all of the Big favorites (tOSU, Bama, Florida, OU, Texas, V-Tech, Boise) to lose at least one game. However at the end of the day history and perception will run the day as the Big 12 and SEC will match up again in a championship game. I've picked Oklahoma and Alabama to win their respective conferences so we'll be treated to another SEC Championship.

2) The Hammer
The NCAA emerged from it's dormant sleep and swung the hammer on USC. I'm predicting that they will do so again...this time on UNC. The list of players involved in agents, with academic scandals, with anteater issues, are too long to list. Suffice to safe the dreaded "loss institutional control" will be thrown at UNC .

3) Kelly
The perpetual issue of will Notre Dame rise from mediocrity is upon continues. This time in the Kelly era. They have a brutal schedule but I'm predicting Kelly wins more games then Weis did in his last year.

4) Non-BCS Buster
At this point I think it's safe to say there will be a BCS Buster . Hell I'm not even sure if buster if the correct term anymore. Boise State is loaded and a win at V-Tech I think would mean an undefeated season and a trip to the BCS Championship Game. But I'm expecting V-Tech to win which means the Non-BCS flag bearer will be TCU this year. In fact, don't be surprised if TCU makes it to the BCS Championship game.

My Predictions

Stacey is demonstrating how best to use a compound bow..see it's a metaphor for boobs umm accuracy

BCS Championship: Alabama v. Oklahoma
Orange Bowl : Virginia Tech v. Wisconsin
Sugar Bowl: Florida v. TCU
Fiesta: West Virginia v. Nebraska
Rose Bowl: Oregon v. Ohio State

What are your predictions/story lines for the 2010 year?

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) ugh... another sec destruction of a big-12 team. it probably will happen. I hope a different matchup somehow appears.
2) UNC is going down sadly. Where was Butch Davis during all of this?
3) Brian Kelly will indeed win more games than Weis. There's also some weird trend at ND with the new coaches doing really well their first years. I'm guessing Kelly keeps that trend going.
4) Good call on TCU. They should be very good. Should be a great Boise vs. V-Tech game on labor day though.
5) I'm not going to even try predicting college football!