Tuesday, September 07, 2010

College Football Trend Watching : Week 1

Welcome Back to College Football Trend Watching...the best Tuesday blog post before a Jewish New Year or your money back....so What what are the trends...err data points after week 1


  • Deja Vu....As Stewart Mandel correctly points out...it was deja vu all over again in terms of themes in week 1. It seemed like Michigan found a QB, Florida's offense struggled, and Notre Dame was back. However most prognosticators said the exact same thing last year...only to be found out totally wrong. So will this time be any different?
  • Boise State.... Whether you want to call it a choke by V-Tech (fourth straight opening game loss) or a brilliant come back or some combination Boise State is sitting pretty at the moment. They get Oregon State at home and well next to nothing. Will the V-Tech win be enough? Looking like we will finally get an answer as to how much respect an undefeated Boise will get in the BCS Championship race.
  • Freshmen QBs - Two old powerhouses (Nebraska and Penn State) were powered to victories by freshmen. Both Nebraska and Penn State are expected to have pivotal rolls in the BCS this year so look to how these freshmen do

  • Oklahoma - I admit I bought into the OU bounce back hype and sure it's only 1 week and yes OU won it's game but they looked awful. Simply awful. Jones shows no progress, they are one dimensional on offense, and the defense doesn't look up to snuff
  • Ole Miss - House McNutt's squad lost to a subdivision girl's volleyball team. Still waiting on those SEC chants guys.
  • Oregon State - The other other OSU. I feel like they're regular fodder at this point for Non-BCS teams looking to score a cheap win. When's the last time Oregon State actually beat anyone semi-decent?

Games of the Week
Michigan at Notre Dame 3:30
Miami at OSU 3:30
FSU at Oklahoma 3:30
Penn State at Alabama 8:00

Prediction Time 9/7

BCS Championship: Alabama v. Boise State
Orange Bowl : Virginia Tech v. Wisconsin
Sugar Bowl: Florida v. TCU
Fiesta: West Virginia v. Nebraska
Rose Bowl: Oregon v. Ohio State


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Boise got an amazing win. There were some turnovers on both sides, so that equalled out. Boise has to cheer for V-Tech to do well otherwise, that win won't look that good.
2) Miami-OSU should be a fun game this weekend. I think Penn State-Alabama will at least be interesting, since it seems like SEC and Big Ten don't play each other too often.

Mighty Mike said...

The Big 10 and SEC don't usually play each other during the regular season (obviously they have 2 bowl tie ins every year). However I would be remiss in ignoring Northwestern's big win over Vandy last week.