Monday, September 20, 2010

MMBSD: Transitive Property

It's Monday so let's do some back seat driving....

Transitive Property
I think we all know that the transitive property doesn't hold in football but it's rare that key teams in back to back weeks show it so aptly. The Ravens beat the Jets who beat the Patriots who beat Cinci who beat the Ravens. Huh? So what does it all mean? Unknown but probably the AFC favorite won't emerge until late into the season.

Panic Time? Only 10% of the NFL teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs. So of course the overhyped, overcovered Cowboys are getting the red alert treatment. My biases aside their offensive coordinator has called horrible games and the o-line has been less than spectacular. Without a solid line and poor play calling all the skill position talent in the world can't bring you playoff wins.

Almost Convinced.... Go to the Dolphins and Bears...both have strong starts but both have huge inter-divisional matchups (Dolphins v. Jets, Bears v. Packers) that I will good markers as to how improved and how for real the teams are.

Prayer Time...Could this really be the year Favre falls apart and nobody will feel his skills are worth his ego issues? Could it be? Much like his various "retirements" I'll hope but will have to wait before I believe it is real....

College Football

Locker Hype Mercifully Euthanized - It's been awhile since I've done some good old fashioned back seat driving...questioning stupid decisions. Whatever scouts (I'm looking at you Todd McShay) had Jake Locker as the #1 overall pick can now officially stop it and report to the pillories. At home against Nebraska Locker was 4-20 for 70 yards and 2 Ints (that's a microscopic 45.9 QB rating). Locker sucks. He sucks in college. He will suck in the Pros. Deal with it.

Opening At Georgia - In the unforgivable SEC, Mark Richt has made the mistake of succeeding early in his career and regressing. The loss to South Carolina makes UGA 0-2 for the first time with several tough games remaining. Last year Richt was forced to hire his assistants, this year signs are pointing to Richt getting the axe.

Get Well Soon
- Sparty's Coach D'Antonio made a ballicious call for a fake FG to defeat Notre Dame. Soon thereafter D'Antonio suffered a heart attack. He seems to be resting comfortably but best wishes on a speedy recovery......


MJ said...

AAAAAAARRRGH! What's with the font?!

The first four or five weeks of the NFL season are very difficult to gain much meaning from since we just don't know yet who the good teams are vs. who the lucky teams are. Last year the Giants were 5-0 and everyone was convinced they were making another run to the Super Bowl. We all know how that turned out (3-8 in their final 11) so it's hard to try and make sense of the Patriots/Jets/Bengals/Bears/Dolphins circle-jerk.

As for the aforementioned Giants, anyone that insists on arguing that Eli Manning is a good QB needs to re-watch last night's game against the Colts. An INT thrown into triple coverage and two fumbles, bringing his NFL-leading turnover total to six in only two games (4 INT/2 FUM).

Eli is average at best.

Mighty Mike said...

Sorry. I don't know what's going on with the font but someone will pay for this. Am I allowed to execute the editor over this?

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) i went in and made the font uniform at least. that's all i could do, so i tried. please don't execute me or anyone else!
2) i agree that it will take time for the afc favorite to emerge. there are a lot of good teams (in fact, more possible playoff teams than there are playoff spots). should make for a very fun season!
3) i think the dolphins are much better than the bears. granted, both dolphins and bears have been very lucky so far (i.e. dolphins getting enough favre mistakes to win and bears having calvin johnson's TD overturned in week 1).
4) jake locker certainly sealed the deal for not being #1. i still say any one random college games, like this one, can't be used to predict his future success.
5) hope the mich state coach is resting okay now.
6) eli did not play well last night at all. no doubt.