Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Week 1 of the 2010 Football Season!

Well, unbelievably, summer is almost gone, Labor Day has passed, and now... it's time for some football!

Manwich Matchup of the Week
Baltimore @ Jets- Both of these teams have gathered serious Super Bowl hype. I'm not sure what to expect from this opening game... but I tend to believe the more likely scenario is the Ravens embarrassing QB Mark Sanchez on national TV.
Pick: Baltimore

Upset of the Week
Oakland @ Tennessee - As I said in my NFL Preview, I really believe that having a somewhat competent QB (Jason Campbell) will do wonders for improving the team in comparison to the performance with the incompetent QB of last year (JaMarcus Russell).
Pick: Oakland

Opening Round Playoff Game #1
Cleveland @ Tampa - Odds of either of these teams making the playoffs: slim to none! At least one of these two bottom-feeders gets to start the season 1-0 and dream of greener pastures.
Pick: Cleveland

Fantasy Football Game of Interest
Green Bay @ Philly - Kevin Kolb's first start is quite a doozy. It seems like all of the position-players on both these teams were drafted highly, so this game will probably be determining a lot of fantasy matchups this weekend.
Pick: Green Bay

Minnesota @ New Orleans - Of course, this game also has some studs, like Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees. There also is a pathetic past-his-prime loser involved, named Brett Favre.
Pick: New Orleans

Other Games
CAR @ Giants - This game intrigues me... it seems like a lot of people don't trust CAR's QB Matt Moore because he's an undrafted QB in 2007 who suddenly is the starter, and the Panthers also drafted Jimmy Clausen as a QB of the future. However, it needs to be pointed out... Matt Moore actually posted 8 TDs, 2 INTs last year and a 98.5 rating in 7 appearances, which includes going 4-1 as a starter! We should find out soon if this will continue...
Pick: Giants

Miami @ Buff - Pick: Miami
ATL @ Pitt - Pick: ATL
Detroit @ Chicago - Pick: Chicago
Cincy @ New England - Pick: New England
Denver @ Jacksonville - Pick: Jacksonville
Indy @ Houston - Pick: Houston (I really think they are going to win at home vs the Colts this year)
SF @ Seattle - Pick: SF
Arizona @ STL - Pick: Arizona
Dallas @ Washington - Pick: Dallas
SD @ KC - Pick: SD

Past Years - I'm good in the odd years, just like the San Antonio Spurs

2004 – 150-106
Manwich Matchup: 7-11
Upset Special: 7-9

2005 – 160-96
Manwich Matchup: 10-7
Upset Special: 3-14 (That’s not a misprint)

2006: 148-108
Manwich Matchup: 12-7
Upset Special: 5-12

2007 - 166-90
Manwich Matchup: 13-4
Upset Special: 8-9

2008 - 149-106-1
Manwich Matchup: 11-8
Upset Special: 1-16 (that's also not a misprint)

2009 - 165-91
Manwich Matchup: 10-7
Upset of the Week: 8-9

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