Monday, March 08, 2010

Flash Facts : Who Does #2 Work For

Flash Fact #1 Dallas, so far, is the big winner from trades
The additions of Caron Butler and Brendan Heywood have seemingly catapulted the Mavs into "the hottest team in the NBA at this moment" . That's short hand for a 11 game winning streak. Heywood is the league leader in efficient blocked shots (blocking layups/dunks) and Butler has added hard nosed defense to the perimeter. With stories circling of Kenyon Martin needing surgery, the Mavs appear to be the biggest threat to the Lakers repeating as Western Conference Champs.

Flash Fact #2 Orlando Finding Groove
Beating the Lakers yesterday really just confirms what statistically has been apparent...Orlando is the second best team in the NBA right now. They have the #2 defense and are #2 in overall efficiency. Jameer Nelson, appears to be back from his injury, Howard is improving offensively, and Matt Barnes (and oddly JJ Redick) are quality perimeter defenders. Yes Vince Carter isn't playing particularly well, but honestly it doesn't matter. The improvements elsewhere have more than offset the loss of Turkuglu - Orlando is #2.

Flash Fact #3 Bears Biggest Player in Free Agency
Do to a combination of odd free agency rules, the economy, and NFL owners being tight wads free agency has been fairly muted this year. The biggest player by far has been the Bears. They shelled out big bucks for Peppers, Taylor, and Manumaleuna the Slender. I think it demonstrates that the GM/coach think they are on thin ice. While all of the players are good and will certainly help, given the Bears' shortcomings last year at the offensive line and wide receiver I'm not certain now how those holes will be addressed .

Flash Fact #4 CGI Shows why Admiral Akbar Rules
I don't have the first clue how or why this happened but Adult Swim showed used CGI to show an imaginery world where Taiwanese CGI folks showed Admiral Akbar replacing the Colonel. I don't think I can explain it any better. Check it out here

Flash Fact #5 Human S'mores are Messy

At least that's what the research has concluded..


Hitman said...

You're 80% right about the Bears. The team's #1 biggest problem for two years' running has been the O-Line - and these free agency moves, while bold and helpful, don't address that critical issue. Until the Bears get their offensive line in order, this team cannot possibly win more than 10 games, and cannot possibly make a deep playoff run.

But for whatever it's worth: a few young WRs emerged in 2009, and while these guys are by no means reliable yet, there's reason for hope now. Johnny Knox and Devin Aromashodu in particular are very clearly NFL-caliber wideouts, and as they develop, the Bears' offense will become much more dynamic. The real question is whether they'll be up to speed in time for Cutler to take advantage of them. It's a big if. Further, the D-Line did need help. Peppers will make a big difference there.

Bottom line, the Bears turned themselves again into a contender for a playoff spot, but no further.

MJ said...

I've always viewed Peppers with a degree of skepticism. He seems to be a moody, low-intensity guy that can play up or down depending on how feels that day. Doesn't seem like a committed professional that gives A-level effort every play/every game. In other words, for all his talent, he's the defensive end version of Albert Haynseworth. I didn't think Haynseworth would try hard after his big contract with Washington last year and I don't see Peppers busting his ass for a lame-duck coach this year.

Mighty Mike said...

I think this where I am curious about the money spent on Pepper. Would instead of spending some it on him would the money have been more beneficial in upgrading the o-line and/or bring in a veteran WR?

Or put another way, given the money spent and the lack of draft picks...Where do the Bears go from here for upgrading the o-line (i.e., trading Olsen?)? Or is this one of those roll of the dice that an improved running game + Martz will just work wonders on improving the o-line?

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Dallas is a HUGE beneficiary... it should go down as one of the most magnificent salary dumps in nba history. haywood and c. butler are exactly what the mavs needed and now they look unstoppable. how high is the ceiling? i'm going to wait until the end of the season to decide that.
2) the development of matt barnes and jj redick is certainly surprising... going into the season, i thought we were going to be talking about the new forwards (ryan anderson and brandon bass). I was really wrong. the magic are still a top-team, no doubt.
3) the bears went nuts in free agency. that usually doesn't mean much in the NFL, so I'm not that excited about the bears still. jay cutler needs a line and needs to stop throwing 3 INTs per game. martz can't make a good o-line out of nothing.
4) admiral ackbar on 'ole miss always makes me smile.