Sunday, March 28, 2010

Final 4 of Insanity!

It's been absolute insanity this year... we have two 5-seeds squaring off for what I believe is the first time. We have the weakest #1-seed and a 2-seed joining the party as well. The top 3-most popular choices for national champion (Kansas, Kentucky, and Syracuse) are all long gone.

So, let's take a look at the matchups, keeping in mind that none of these teams have faced any of each other this season.

As shown by my "analysis" the last two weeks... I have no idea what's going to happen. I had Butler and Michigan State as teams that were doomed last week... and now one of them is playing for the championship!

So, instead, let's just focus on some of the interesting stories from this year's tournament... like the fact that Butler is playing in Indy, which is where their school is located... and the fact that their head coach (Brad Stevens) is only 33... and this is his third year coaching!... the fact that Tom Izzo has now taken Michigan State to their SIXTH final 4 in 12 years (as a 1 (three times), as a 2, and now as a 5 (twice!).

My favorite, and scariest, part of this tournament relates to clips of Kansas State coach Frank Martin. a) He looks like an axe murderer. b) He sounds like he's going to physically harm his players. While I couldn't find a good video of Frank Martin, here are some great images of him freaking out.

Even better, is this video of his players describing what he's like and how he calls timeouts just to chew out his players.


Mighty Mike said...

Where did this Butler coach come from? Is he a Matta progeny?

Gutsy Goldberg said...

The Butler coach was hired by Matta, but when Matta left, he stayed under Lickliter. Lickliter was the head coach from 2001-2007, and then left for Iowa after his 2nd season (I looked that up btw, I couldn't remember the dates of course). Butler hired from within, and chose the 30-year old Brad Stevens... it looks like it was a good hire!